GameXPad partners with Skale

Published on: 16.02.2024
GameXPad partners with Skale

GameXPad partners with Skale to empower gamers and developers through SKALE’s Zero Gas Fee Solution. GameXPad is a blockchain-based platform merging gaming and finance for an engaging experience amid a crowded market.

The GameXPad platform provides a range of features tailored for gamers, developers, and enthusiasts to effortlessly engage with game projects. The platform distinguishes itself with a full range of services, such as IDO and INO Launchpads, an NFT Marketplace, and a Gaming Hub, establishing a distinctive center for the GameFi community. In light of this, SKALE, the fastest blockchain network globally, is delighted to declare a collaboration with GameXPad!

Exploring the ethos of GameXPad, it’s evident why they decided to collaborate with SKALE. The platform’s goal of providing a gas-free environment and immediate transaction finality showcases the ecosystem’s focus on user contentment and developer autonomy. This strategic decision highlights GameXPad’s dedication to eliminating entry barriers and nurturing a more diverse gaming blockchain environment.

SKALE Network, renowned for its effective blockchain solutions, has drawn in innovative projects such as GameXPad because of its superior performance and cost efficiency. SKALE’s unique structure, allowing for zero gas fees and instant transaction finality, complements GameXPad’s objectives seamlessly. This partnership aims to enhance the user experience, creating a smooth and enjoyable platform for gamers and developers. SKALE’s distinction as the most utilized chain by CoinGecko underscores its reliability and robustness, making it an ideal collaborator for GameXPad’s ambitious ventures.

“It’s our pride to collaborate with Skale, one of the fastest networks designed for web3 gaming that will accelerate our platform.” — GameXPad Co-Founder and COO Taha Dogusoylu

The collaboration between GameXPad and SKALE Network signals a future where the lines between gaming and finance are increasingly blurry. Working together, they are paving the way for a transformation in gaming experiences, development, and investment, offering a more engaging and immersive gaming environment for everyone.


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