Uno Re partners with Uma Protocol

Published on: 20.03.2024
Uno Re partners with Uma Protocol

Uno Re partners with Uma Protocol to enhance core dApp v2, featuring a new claim assessment system. This cutting-edge feature will enhance the app’s foundation, instilling a new level of trust and confidence among users.

The incorporation of the claim assessment system is set to improve the protocol’s claims process while upholding Uno Re’s central principle of decentralization. This tactical integration secures Uno Re’s progress by addressing concerns about centralization that could jeopardize security and independence.

Benefits of Transparent Claims Handling for Policy Holders

The claims module revolutionizes the claims handling process by ensuring transparent and impartial decisions regarding claim payouts. This helps build trust and safeguard Uno Re’s brand reputation by upholding a consistently high level of transparency, thereby enhancing policyholder confidence.

Using UMA’s Optimistic Oracle for Decentralized Decision-Making

Uno Re is set to implement UMA’s Optimistic Oracle solution for fair evaluation of claim disputes. By incorporating decentralization, this integration ensures definitive decision-making, backed by a claimsDAO system that adds an extra layer of security.

Creating a Secure, Decentralized Insurance Ecosystem for Web3

Uno Re is building a fully secure decentralized insurance ecosystem to serve institutional and individual Web3 participants. The protocol’s insurance platform has sold over $15 million in coverage across various crypto protocols, with risk underwritten for over eighty-five different protocols and six stablecoins on our B2C Insurance Sales dApp — The Cover Portal

What is Uma Protocol?

Founded in 2018, UMA is dedicated to addressing complex challenges inherent in Ethereum’s growth. Notably, UMA has introduced the Optimistic Oracle, as well as other pivotal projects such as Across, the leading EVM bridge in terms of speed and cost-efficiency, and Oval, the pioneering MEV capture protocol on Ethereum mainnet.

What is Uno Re?

The Uno Re protocol is slowly transitioning towards a fully decentralized community-powered protocol that is governed by members. Through protocol governance, members can propose and vote on changes to any aspect of the protocol. These decisions determine the protocol’s future operations.


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