Stasis’ strategic partnership with Mogul

Published on: 02.04.2024
Stasis' strategic partnership with Mogul

Stasis’ strategic partnership with Mogul Production has been announced. The partnership between STASIS, the developer of the EURS stablecoin, and Mogul Productions, a pioneer in decentralized film funding, delves into this story, infusing a European essence into the mix.

Their strategic alliance not only democratizes film financing but also leverages an extensive economic and cultural reservoir, poised to significantly broaden the scope and global reach of cinema.

Introduction to EURS on the Mogul Platform

By introducing EURS to the Mogul platform, a direct connection is established to the Eurozone, a region with a GDP surpassing $13 trillion and a population of more than 340 million people.

At the core of this collaboration is the strategic utilization of blockchain technology to introduce unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and accessibility to film financing. Through enabling investors to securely finance films using the STASIS EURS stablecoin, this partnership is paving the way for innovative approaches to film funding, guaranteeing a fair and transparent investment environment.

STASIS manages EURS, a stablecoin launched in 2018, backed 1:1 by euro reserves held at the Lithuanian Central Bank. EURS prioritizes transparency, avoiding conflicts of interest, and undergoes audits by BDO. It has facilitated over 6 billion euros in transactions across 175 countries and works with six blockchains, aiming to connect the 16 trillion-euro economy with blockchain technology.

Introducing Mogul Productions

Mogul Productions was conceptualized in 2016, starting a visionary journey that launched officially with its platform development in 2018. Since then, Mogul has nurtured a thriving ecosystem with more than 50,000 users, establishing a strong foundation for film financing and engaging fans. This notable milestone showcases the platform’s innovation and ability to connect with a wide audience effectively.

Mogul Productions’ success is attributed to a team and advisory board with over 110 years of experience in content production. It is creating over 95 films earning $425 million in box office revenue. The team’s accolades include 4 Oscars, 1 Emmy, and 3 Golden Globes, showcasing their commitment to cinematic excellence.

Euro-Pegged Approach to Global Film Funding

The core of this partnership revolves around the EURS stablecoin, a digital currency tied to the Euro that serves as a secure and steady means for transactions. By incorporating EURS into Mogul Productions’ platform, a direct connection to the European market is established. This development creates a pathway for Euro-based film financing. It also enables European investors to participate in and support film ventures with unparalleled convenience and safety.

The Eurozone offers a large audience and untapped investors for the film industry. EURS simplifies transactions for investors, providing security and transparency of blockchain technology without cryptocurrency volatility. This is anticipated to attract a wide range of investors from financiers to cinema enthusiasts.

Empowering both fans and investors

Mogul Productions introduces a significant innovation by involving fans in the film selection process. This interactive approach guarantees that supported projects align with audience preferences, fostering a stronger bond between creators and viewers. Furthermore, by tokenizing film assets and using smart contracts for profit distribution, investors of all sizes can participate in the film industry’s economic opportunities.

The STASIS and Mogul Productions partnership merges blockchain technology and a global investment platform to innovate film financing. The collaboration aims to bring transparency, inclusivity, and creativity to the film financing industry, ushering in a new era.


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