MetaLineX integrates with Chainlink

Published on: 03.05.2024
Metaline integrates with Chainlink

MetaLineX integrates with Chainlink Price Feeds on Arbitrum mainnet. MetaLineX integrates a decentralized computing platform for secure price feeds, enhancing in-game payments and exchanges for users.

MetalineX’s initial integration involves integrating Chainlink Price Feeds for ETH/USD due to Chainlink’s reputation for easy integration and reliability in real-world applications, especially in DeFi protocols. Chainlink secures DeFi protocols by providing reliable price data standards in Web3, ensuring security and availability even during unexpected events like exchange outages or market fluctuations.

Metaline Offer

MetaLineX serves as the prime hub for dedicated on-chain gamers and enthusiasts. Its platform provides a wide array of exceptional games, an AI-driven on-chain data dashboard, a lively forum for gamers to share insights and opinions, and a high-quality, fully on-chain game incubator.

To enhance the security of its in-game transactions and payments, MetaLineX required real-time asset prices sourced directly on-chain in a dependable manner. The fair market prices should represent a volume-weighted average across all trading platforms. Therefore, it utilized an Oracle network to gather consolidated price information off-chain and present it on-chain for its application to utilize.

After assessing various Oracle solutions, MetaLineX chose to integrate Chainlink Price Feeds for their essential features.

  • Chainlink Price Feeds use high-quality data from premium aggregators, offering precise global market prices resistant to inaccuracies and manipulation.
  • Safeguarded by secure, reviewed, and Sybil-resistant oracle nodes operated by reputable blockchain DevOps teams, data providers, and enterprises. The nodes have a reliable track record even during high gas prices and infrastructure challenges.
  • Chainlink Price Feeds are decentralized at various levels, providing robust protection against downtime and tampering.
  • Chainlink offers a reputation system with on-chain monitoring tools for users to verify node operators’ performance.

“We firmly believe that the fully on-chain sector is poised for a DeFi summer-like explosion, with MetaLineX and Chainlink being essential platforms within the industry. With Chainlink Price Feeds helping secure our in-game payments and token exchanges, we’re set to rapidly expand the adoption of Web3 gaming.” — Jack, CEO of MetaLineX

The integration of Chainlink Price Feeds marks the first step in incorporating Chainlink’s cutting-edge technology into MetaLineX. As MetaLineX improves its fully on-chain platform and prepares to launch new function modules on various chains, the Chainlink platform will play a crucial role in expanding its on-chain footprint.


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