STASIS Collaborates with DynaChain

Published on: 04.05.2024
STASIS Collaborates with DynaChain

STASIS collaborates with DynaChain a company blending wellness and finance via blockchain. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in their joint mission to empower individuals to take control of their health and financial stability.

STASIS, the issuer of EURS, the leading euro stablecoin, provides the DynaChain community with a stable and secure digital asset backed by real euro fiat currency at a 1:1 ratio. This collaboration enables users to effortlessly engage in transactions with euro-backed digital assets, connecting traditional finance with the blockchain ecosystem seamlessly.

Explore the Authentic Crypto Euro

EURS, the oldest and largest legal stablecoin, is available in 175 countries. Introduced in 2018, STASIS EURO maintains zero conflict of interest and undergoes audits by a prominent global entity, BDO. The assets of EURS are fully backed by liquid euro balances or cash on a 1:1 ratio, with reserves safeguarded at the Lithuanian Central Bank.

Exploring Future Integration with DynaChain

This collaboration presents thrilling prospects for what lies ahead, such as linking EURS with DynaChain tokens. This move will elevate the functionality and value of both cryptocurrencies, offering the community more chances to enhance their well-being and financial growth.

Discover the advantages of the partnership for the DynaChain community

  • Euro Integration
    The partnership with STASIS enables new communities to seamlessly utilize euro stablecoins in their DynaChain journey, providing a stable and reliable means of transacting within our ecosystem.
  • Enhanced Financial Opportunities
    By leveraging euro stablecoins, the new community gains access to a wider range of financial opportunities within the DynaChain platform, empowering them to make informed decisions about their financial future.
  • Redefined Trust and Security
    STASIS ensures transparency and reliability, assuring partners that their digital assets are backed by real euro fiat currency for security and peace of mind in the digital finance landscape.

New Feature, More Benefits

STASIS aims to enhance user accessibility and simplify the buying process to promote Web3 adoption. Clients can now purchase stablecoins using a credit card starting in March.

This feature simplifies EURS transactions for existing users and attracts new ones by eliminating the need for external vendors. Users can transact without understanding backend processes, minimizing third-party involvement. STASIS offers GAS fee-free services and maintains a transparent 1:1 Euro-EURS rate for card payments.

“What lies ahead?”

The integration of STASIS EURO into DynaChain’s HealthFi platform advances the fusion of health and finance, aiming to increase user confidence, promote adoption, and improve health-centric financial solutions.

DynaChain and STASIS partnership aims to unlock new opportunities in digital finance, empowering individuals for better health and wealth.

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