Ankr and Lagrange Collaboration

Published on: 07.05.2024
Ankr and Lagrange Collaboration

Ankr is excited to announce their collaboration  with Lagrange. Ankr is now a Lagrange AVS node operator, providing reliable and high-performance validator services. 

Together, they’re enabling hyper-parallel ZK coprocessing to supercharge interoperability for the next generation of Web3 applications and protocols.

Ankr is helping make a powerful new generation of Web3 protocols possible by providing the essential infrastructure that unlocks shared security with Ethereum for innovative projects deploying with EigenLayer. Ankr acts as the cornerstone technology behind the EigenLayer, eliminating the limitations that previously hindered growth and scalability. With seamless AVS node operation, innovative liquid staking solutions, and RaaS platform, Ankr is amplifying the launch of these ambitious Web3 projects.


How Are Ankr and Lagrange Working Together?

Ankr Operating Nodes for Lagrange AVS: By opting in as an AVS node operator for Lagrange State Committees, Ankr commits to providing an essential service for the project. This includes operating validators for Lagrange and ensuring smooth and secure operations for the protocol.

  • High-performance node operations for Lagrange State Committees
  • Distributed validation
  • Around-the-clock support & maintenance

Their collaboration with Lagrange is just one of the ways Ankr is working to support the ecosystem of innovation brought about by EigenLayer.


About Lagrange

Lagrange is a new protocol and AVS on EigenLayer that offers hyper-parallel ZK coprocessing to enable verifiable computation of blockchain data at a big data scale, directly from smart contracts. Lagrange focuses on leveraging zero-knowledge (ZK) to facilitate interoperability between different blockchains. Their ZK system allows for generating cryptographic proofs of the state of other blockchains, which can be used by DeFi and other dApps to operate seamlessly across multiple networks.

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About Ankr

Ankr is the leading Web3 infrastructure company. It has a set of different products for building, earning, gaming, and more — all on blockchain.

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