Build “Blob” Data Archive on BNBGreenfield

Published on: 08.05.2024
Build “Blob” Data Archive on BNBGreenfield

Build “Blob” Data Archive on BNBGreenfield, a cutting-edge decentralized storage and blockchain storage network, designed to harness the power of decentralized technology in the field of data ownership and the data economy. 

What Is Data Archive Layer?

This layer essentially maintains the integrity and trust of the blockchain, allowing everyone to independently verify the validity of transactions. The data availability layer guarantees access to newly created data, but it does not provide access to the entire historical data. As Build “Blob” Data Archive on BNBGreenfield

BNB Greenfield as Data Archive Layer

The Greenfield community has recently launched  “BlobHub,” a data archive layer designed for all layer 2 blockchains and Dapps which leverages EIP4844 blobs as data availability layer. All historical blobs can be persisted into Greenfield, and users can easily access these blobs whenever they want to query them. BlobHub not only serves Ethereum but also other blockchain that enable EIP4844.

How Does Blob Hub Work

The Blob Hub primarily consists of two components: the blob-syncer and the api-server. To sync blobs to Greenfield, the blob-syncer service continuously fetches blobs from Ethereum and other blockchains and persists them in Greenfield. The api-server handles historical blob query requests from users. The bundle-service can aggregate blobs together, validate their correctness, and upload them to Greenfield efficiently.

Blob Hub Solution

The syncing process ensures that no blob is missing and each blob synced to Greenfield is consistent. This is achieved by running a post-verification process that scans all uploaded blobs again. Conducts integrity checks against data already stored in Greenfield, and detects any missing data. Duplicate uploads are prevented by key naming constraints in the Bundle service and Greenfield.


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