Chainlyze Integrates with Lens Protocol

Published on: 08.05.2024
Chainlyze Integrates with Lens Protocol

Chainlyze Integrates with Lens Protocol to empower users to track their portfolios and social interactions seamlessly.

Lens is an established platform that empowers creators to own links between themselves and their community, forming a fully composable, decentralized social graph. Thus, users can create profiles and interact with each other via these profiles. Profiles typically represent Lens profiles controlled by users — standard crypto wallets. As Chainlyze Integrates with Lens Protocol

The Integration

Part of the Chainlyze team’s goal is to equip users with the right tools to identify or monitor where smart money flows. Through their collaboration with Lens, users can now see their Lens profiles on the Chainlyze interface, allowing them to also monitor their social activities on the Web3 social platform while tracking their portfolios. As Chainlyze Integrates with Lens Protocol.

Through the integration. Profile image, name, bio, etc, as shown in Lens Profile, will now be captured on the Chainlyze wallet profiler. Therefore, if your wallet is registered with Lens, it will appear when you connect your wallet to Chainlyze, allowing you to track your portfolio and transactions all in one place.


About Lens Protocol

Lens protocol is a leading decentralized social onchain platform in the industry. Lens is well-established and predicted to be the future of Decentralized Social. According to Dune Analytics, the platform boasts over 289K profiles and more than 4 million posts in its SocialFi landscape.

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About Chainlyze

Chainlyze is a platform to identify or monitor where the smart money flows, move to identify new trade opportunities and trace history to a deeper level.

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