Enjinstarter & vVv Partnership

Published on: 08.05.2024

Exciting news emerges as Enjinstarter announces a pioneering collaboration with vVv, a trailblazing Venture Capital (VC) firm operating on a community-driven model devoid of fees. This partnership signifies a remarkable stride in our shared commitment to nurturing innovation and offering unparalleled prospects within the dynamic realms of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Unlocking Benefits of the Enjinstarter-vVv Partnership

The partnership brings several key advantages to Enjinstarter’s user base:

  • Wider Project Selection: Harnessing the extensive portfolio of vVv spanning diverse sectors like AI, Privacy, Real World Assets (RWA), Runes, and Bitcoin, Enjinstarter gains access to a rich array of promising projects. This infusion enriches Enjinstarter platform’s offerings, empowering them to present the community with top-tier Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), Initial NFT Offerings (INOs), and even Initial Bitcoin Offerings (IBOs).
  • Co-Listing Opportunities: The collaboration unlocks doors to co-listing opportunities on vVv’s internal platform. This synergistic effort amplifies project scopes for both Enjinstarter and vVv, attracting heightened community engagement and investment.
  • Access to a Powerful Investor Network: Partnering with vVv grants Enjinstarter invaluable access to their expansive investor network. This connection expedites fills in private and KOL rounds, thereby streamlining project timelines and bolstering launch success rates.

About vVv

vVv stands as the pioneer in community VC, distinguished by its fee-free model. Since its inception in 2022, vVv has propelled rapid growth and emerged as a dominant force in the venture capital landscape. Boasting an impressive portfolio encompassing AI, Privacy, RWA, Runes, Bitcoin, and substantial 8-figure investments, vVv now ventures into the domain of launchpads with an innovative approach. Through its native token $VVV, vVv offers direct access to IDOs, INOs, and IBOs (IDOs on Bitcoin). Furthermore, vVv introduces an additional avenue for passive yield via its node system, ensuring instantaneous and trustless decentralization of newly launched tokens across a wide base of operators (holders).


About EnjinStarter

Enjinstarter stands as a pioneering Web3 launchpad committed to propelling the blockchain ecosystem forward. By granting early access to groundbreaking projects across Gaming, AI, DePin, and the Bitcoin ecosystem, Enjinstarter fosters community engagement and transparency. The platform, requiring a minimum staking of 1,250 wEJS, offers entry into a multi-chain environment that has successfully launched over 80 IDOs. Enjinstarter not only democratizes investment opportunities but also nurtures projects through their critical early stages, catalyzing growth and innovation within the blockchain community.

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