Mon Protocol and Immutable Partnership

Published on: 08.05.2024
Mon Protocol and Immutable Partnership

Mon Protocol, the publishing protocol for blockchain-native games and IPs, has officially announced a partnership with Immutable, the leading web3 gaming platform and ecosystem.

With this agreement, Mon Protocol becomes a game and IP publishing partner of Immutable, and Tier 1 projects already vetted and supported by the company will be introduced to the protocol. Immutable will be leveraging expertise and resources from Mon to focus on social awareness and user acquisition strategies for Tier 1 gaming projects on its platform in accordance with its strategy of building a UA edge within the gaming ecosystem.

Mon Protocol will also commit to supporting projects with marketing campaigns and exposure to its community. This preferential community access will include the protocol’s selection process, which can greenlight games into becoming official partners of Mon, adding support to their development. With the help of the Mon team, partners and games, these vetted projects will gain accelerated social awareness and maximize adoption. This stands to benefit individual projects and the entire Immutable ecosystem.

At the core of Immutable is zero-knowledge rollup (ZK-rollup) technology, which combines multiple transactions as one unit to minimize gas fees while maintaining fast transaction speeds. This integrates with the EVM, or Ethereum Virtual Machine, the runtime environment for executing decentralized applications and smart contracts on Ethereum. Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, is the first of its kind, providing a dedicated chain for games that offers EVM compatibility, low costs, massive scaling capabilities that can reach 9,000 transactions per second with negligible gas fees, and enterprise-grade security. The chain combines the benefits of ZK-rollup technology with the power of the Ethereum ecosystem, all while offering access to the entire suite of Immutable gaming products.

About Mon Protocol

Mon Protocol aims to be the leading publisher of blockchain-native IP and games. Mon Protocol launched with the Pixelmon gaming IP as its founding partner and has since built a large community of web3-savvy gamers and fans. Its platform enables blockchain-native projects to reach larger bases of gamers and fans while building stronger IPs by rewarding loyal communities and including them in the IP’s long-term success through fractionalized ownership.

Mon Protocol’s investors include some of the most prominent VCs and builders in the web3 gaming industry, such as the Inevitable Gaming Fund, Foresight Ventures, Delphi Ventures and The Spartan Group, as well as angel investors and founders such as Gabby Dizon of Yield Guild Games (YGG) and Ray Chan of 9GAG.

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About Immutable

Immutable is a global leader in gaming on a mission to bring digital ownership to every player by making it safe and easy to build great games with blockchain technology. Co-founded by James Ferguson, Robbie Ferguson and Alex Connolly in 2018, Immutable is headquartered in Sydney with a 250+ team and backed by top transformational tech investors like Temasek, Tencent, Coinbase, BITKRAFT Ventures, King River Capital, Galaxy Interactive and more.

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