NinjaGameGuild Partnership with Joystick Labs

Published on: 08.05.2024
NinjaGameGuild Partnership with Joystick Labs

NinjaGameGuild Partnership with Joystick Labs, both parties are aiming to build a gaming environment that’s immersive, enriching, and downright awesome for everyone involved.

What is Joystick Labs?

Joysticklabs is a team of game enthusiasts focused on creating an ecosystem for web3 games. Joysticklabs aims at bringing the web3 and metaverse space to life by creating a platform (called Freetyl) where web3 gamers and content creators can socialize and stream their gameplays/content. As NinjaGameGuild announced their Partnership with Joystick Labs

  • A community driven and one-stop ecosystem for web3 gaming and entertainment
  • To create products that will enhance web3 gaming experiences. Create more expsoure to web3 games, products etc.
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What is Ninja Game Guild?

Ninja Game Guild has been providing NFT games and an optimal gaming environment to its community members, especially in Africa, powered by GUILD Corporation.


About GUILD Corporation

GUILD Corporation operates the Ninja Game Guild, an Africa-based game guild founded with the goal of using NFT games to solve the economic problems of location and age. We currently offer the Ninja Game Guild, a game guild.

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