Halliday Partners With Shrapnel

Published on: 09.05.2024
Halliday Partners With Shrapnel

Halliday has announced a partnership with Shrapnel, a blockchain gaming platform.

This collaboration addresses the need for a seamless method to onboard user funds into the game and bring a chain abstracted experience to the Shrapnel ecosystem. Gamers can now purchase SHRAP directly through Halliday’s Onramp on the Shrapnel website for the first time.

As Halliday and Shrapnel move forward, this partnership marks a significant step foward in improving blockchain game UX. This collaboration expands Halliday’s reach into new and exciting areas and underscores Shrapnel’s role as a pioneer in the next generation of blockchain-based gaming.Halliday and Shrapnel are setting the stage for a more interconnected and user-friendly web3 ecosystem.


SHRAPNEL is a AAA customizable extraction FPS, built by a unique team of BAFTA & Emmy Award-winning talent, using UE5 & blockchain.

SHRAPNEL brings a rich combination of competitive combat and a suite of player-creator tools, empowering you to forge your unique SHRAPNEL identity, connect with a vibrant community, and trade game assets you truly own.

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About Halliday

Halliday connects your Appchain to commerce. We solve the problem of first dollar spent on your chain, offering users a seamless onboarding experience and one-click acquisition, and management of any asset on any chain.

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