Azuro and Chiliz are now partners

Published on: 10.05.2024
Azuro and Chiliz are now partners

Azuro and Chiliz are now partners to drive the adoption of on-chain sport prediction markets. This partnership empowers sports fans globally to connect with their beloved teams and athletes using fair and transparent prediction apps.

Chiliz is well-known for its blockchain solutions that revolutionize fan engagement in sports, including fan tokens and interactive engagement platforms via its flagship venture, The platform supports over 80 sport-related fan tokens and has amassed more than 2 million users. Chiliz facilitates team-specific fan tokens for top football clubs such as FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City, among others.

The Chiliz network employs a Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus algorithm, allowing smart contract developers, validators, stakers, and other participants to interact with the chain. This system is tailored to cater to sports and entertainment applications, emphasizing brand IP and maintaining project use-case integrity.

Significance of the collaboration

Chiliz’s collaboration with Azuro is a strategic step to access the rapidly expanding on-chain prediction markets. By utilizing Azuro’s well-established infrastructure across EVM-compatible chains, Chiliz aims to enhance its market presence. Azuro, known as the top protocol on Gnosis and the most profitable protocol on Polygon, provides reliable infrastructure trusted by over 25 applications, with transaction volumes exceeding $320 million.

The Azuro protocol enables applications to launch without any initial investments and operational expenses, allowing full focus on user acquisition and monetization. Through the collaboration, Chiliz will be incorporated into the Azuro Protocol, expanding its presence in sports-centered prediction applications. Developers utilizing Azuro can now connect their apps to the Chiliz Chain and conduct transactions using the CHZ token.

“Integrating with Azuro marks a pivotal move for Chiliz Chain to capitalize on the rapidly expanding onchain prediction market. Leveraging Azure’s advanced infrastructure, we’re empowering developers to innovate within the sports and gaming sectors.”— Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and

Azuro and Chiliz are launching a grants program to encourage app developers to build on their infrastructure, aiming to boost the adoption of onchain prediction markets and promote transparency and fairness.

Azuro is the onchain predictions layer. It consists of modular tooling, oracle, and liquidity solutions for EVM chains to host powerful prediction and gaming apps.

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