zkMe Partnership with Hinkal

Published on: 15.05.2024

ZkMe Partnership with Hinkal, a cutting-edge, institutional-grade zk-protocol that revolutionizes blockchain privacy by re-anonymizing transactions.

This collaboration integrates ZkMe’s advanced identity solutions with Hinkal’s cutting-edge zk-protocol, providing a robust framework for privacy-preserving transactions. By incorporating zkKYC and AML screenings, this partnership aims to prevent unauthorized access and ensure secure, confidential transactions. Together, ZkMe and Hinkal are setting a new standard for blockchain security, offering users unparalleled privacy and compliance in their digital interactions. As zkMe announced their Partnership with Hinkal.

Hinkal’s aim, combined with zkMe’s solution, is to efficiently and accurately prevent illicit parties from accessing the blockchain.

By bringing expertise in decentralized KYC solutions and AML technologies, zkMe addresses several critical challenges for Hinkal. This collaboration enhances security measures to prevent illicit access, ensuring that only authorized users can engage with the blockchain.

Moreover, zkMe offers a privacy-centric identity verification process that protects user anonymity while confirming their credentials, striking a balance between privacy and security. The integration ensures compliance with stringent regulatory standards, helping Hinkal meet global legal requirements. Additionally, zkMe’s advanced AML screening mitigates risks by detecting and preventing fraudulent activities. This partnership also improves the efficiency and accuracy of Hinkal’s operational processes, streamlining workflows and reducing the potential for human error.


About zkMe

zkMe builds zk Identity Oracles for truly decentralized & anonymous cross-chain credential verifications.

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About Hinkal

Hinkal is an institutional-grade, zk-protocol that re-anonymizes the blockchain, enabling confidential on-chain transactions. It’s live on 7 major EVM chains with 8 dApp integrations.

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