zkSync Collaboration with Cyfrin

Published on: 15.05.2024

zkSync Collaboration with Cyfrin, Cyfrin will support projects and developers on zkSync in accessing high-quality public and private audits as well as top-notch smart contract development and security courses

This partnership will provide projects and developers building on zkSync with access to high-quality public and private audits, ensuring robust security measures. Additionally, Cyfrin will offer top-notch smart contract development and security courses, empowering developers with the knowledge and skills needed to create secure and efficient decentralized applications. This collaboration aims to foster a safer and more knowledgeable community within the zkSync ecosystem. As zkSync announced their Collaboration with Cyfrin.

How Cyfrin supports projects building on zkSync
  • Cyfrin CodeHawks is an industry-leading competitive audit platform that protects protocols, users, and funds through security reviews performed by top auditors and Cyfrin’s community.
  • Cyfrin Updraft: smart contract development learning platform with 70+ hours of step-by-step project-based smart contract development and security courses taught by the world’s top blockchain engineers, security researchers, and educators. Completely for free.
  • Solodit: Learn, review, and aggregate over 8000+ smart contract security reports from the world’s top smart contract auditing companies. Aggregating security vulnerabilities, bounties, contests, and resources from blockchain security firms.


About zkSync

zkSync is the industry-leading zero-knowledge EVM-based rollup powering hundreds of protocols worldwide and designed to resolve Ethereum scalability issues, to make Ethereum faster and cheaper to use.

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About Cyfrin

Founded in 2023, the Cyfrin ecosystem brings world-class smart contract security audits, competitions, tools, and education to hundreds of thousands of users and some of the world’s biggest blockchain protocols.

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