ZKCross Integrates Avail

Published on: 16.05.2024
ZKCross Integrates Avail

ZKCross, the modular ZKWASM rollup framework, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Avail, a modular blockchain solution to optimize data availability (DA) for highly scalable and customizable rollups.

ZKCross and Avail DA are joining forces to revolutionize Web3 applications. They provides developers with tools to build trustless applications while Avail DA offers a solution for handling data off-chain with cryptographic verification.

By integrating Avail DA into ZKCross, developers gain access to advanced data availability features, allowing them to create scalable and secure blockchain applications.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in Web3 development, combining ZKCross’s focus on user experience with Avail’s commitment to robust blockchain infrastructure.

Together, they aim to drive the adoption of decentralized applications while pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology. Stay tuned for more updates on their progress.

About ZKCross

ZKCross is an open modular app-specific rollup framework based on zkWasm. It provides developers with a comprehensive dApp stack for creating zk-provable applications, unlocking new opportunities for swift experimentation and innovation.

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About Avail 

Avail DA is a blockchain infrastructure designed to handle data off-chain while ensuring that this data is verifiable through cryptographic methods. Avail’s approach emphasizes the use of light clients that perform Data Availability Sampling (DAS), enhancing network security and reducing the reliance on full nodes. Avail DA supports various execution environments, including EVM, WASM, and custom new runtimes, providing a flexible foundation for a variety of blockchain applications.

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