Cyber Connect’s New Identity

Published on: 19.05.2024
Cyber Connect New Identity

Cyber Connect’s new identity has been revealed alongside its mainnet announcement. Cyber, the L2 for social, is officially live on mainnet and open to developers to create apps that transform how people connect, create, monetize, and share the value they generate.

To meet the unique needs of social applications—such as low fees, high TPS, and a seamless, web2-like UX—Cyber integrates Optimism’s OP Stack and purpose-built features developed by our team, including native AA and Passkey and Webauthn authentication, along with customized infrastructure secured by EigenLayer’s Actively Validated Services (AVS).

The Dance of Digital Security and the Chain of Unyielding Positivity

Constructed with the OP Stack, Cyber teams up with Base, Mode, and various other existing and upcoming L2s and L3s within Optimism’s Superchain. This network, known as the Superchain, consists of a series of chains (OP Stack Chains) developed using Optimism’s open-source standard codebase, the OP Stack. OP Stack Chains operating on the Superchain allocate parts of their earnings to the Optimism Collective to support public goods and network growth.

Joining the Superchain enables cross-chain access to social data networks and applications on Cyber. Contributions from Cyber’s revenue will support the Optimism Collective, fostering web3 adoption in collaboration.

Initiating Cyber Operations in Plasma Mode via AltLayer

AltLayer will oversee the technical launch, continuous management, operations, and future upgrades of the rollup through the partnership.

With the assistance of AltLayer, Cyber has become one of the pioneering OP Stack Chains to implement Plasma Mode on the mainnet. Plasma Mode allows OP Stack chains to utilize alternative data availability (DA) layers on the Ethereum Mainnet, leading to a significant reduction in transaction costs without compromising security and decentralization.

This advancement will grant Cyber high transaction per second (TPS) rates while keeping fees low. Although Plasma Mode is currently in Beta and does not yet support EigenDA as a DA layer, Cyber plans to transition to EigenDA once it is integrated to enhance scalability and reduce costs for users. This showcases Cyber’s dedication to innovation through cutting-edge solutions while collaborating with leading infrastructure partners on established technologies.

These infrastructure choices were made to address the need for secure and cost-effective alternatives to the free social experiences offered by centralized corporations that exploit user data.

Building a Layer 2 for Social

While acknowledging the high TPS and low fees offered by other L2s, Cyber sets the stage for a unique performance by tailoring protocols and developer tools specifically for social applications right into the L2. It’s not just a tech upgrade, it’s a social revolution!

CyberConnect Protocol is a game changer. It’s like the ultimate social butterfly, allowing developers and applications to mingle with social graph data. Meanwhile, its wallet-friendly, super-efficient decentralized storage solution, CyberDB, is powered by the ultra-smart EigenLayer AVS. It’s all about letting applications relish in the feast of large-scale social data across ecosystems. Nestling these snazzy solutions into Cyber’s infrastructure is like greasing the wheels for builders – a smoother, more streamlined development process. Fun, efficient, and downright revolutionary. 

Cyber provides a smooth user experience with Account Abstraction and familiar authentication methods. Smart Accounts support gas sponsorship, reducing user friction. Developers can create social applications with web2-like experience and web3 benefits on Cyber.

CyberConnect Is Now Cyber

CyberConnect team has made notable contributions to the web3 social landscape with their multi-chain web3 social networking protocol and infrastructure offerings. They have also launched consumer-facing products like Link3, a web3 networking app, and CyberWallet, an ERC-4337 compatible smart account web3 wallet.

Bringing together various initiatives to launch Cyber, the L2 for social, to realize the vision for onchain social.

Cyber is launching an L2 for developers to create social applications blending web3 benefits with web2 simplicity. Cyber targets both crypto enthusiasts and those seeking improved online experiences.


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