Brickken and TransFi Partnership

Published on: 20.05.2024
Brickken and TransFi Partnership

Brickken has announced its partnership with TransFi set to enhance the accessibility and liquidity of their native token, $BKN, making it available to a global audience through TransFi’s innovative platform.

‍Through this strategic partnership, $BKN will now be available on the TransFi platform. This means that users across the globe can easily purchase, sell, and trade $BKN tokens directly through TransFi’s secure and efficient interface.

By integrating $BKN into their platform, they are significantly expanding their reach and making it simpler for a global audience to engage with our token.

Brickken has partnered with TransFi to enhance accessibility for $BKN holders and potential investors. This collaboration allows $BKN to be easily accessed, traded, and utilized on TransFi’s platform, which supports multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The partnership offers several benefits for Brickken users, including global reach, improved liquidity, and a user-friendly interface for managing $BKN transactions. Brickken and TransFi plan to continue developing initiatives to integrate blockchain technology into everyday financial activities, with a long-term vision of expanding tokenization services and enhancing $BKN’s functionality and accessibility in the global market.

About Brickken

Brickken is leading the rapidly emerging Real World Asset (RWA) tokenization Space. Its Digital Asset Suite enables businesses to Create, Sell, and Manage Digital Assets backed by RWA’s. Their technology has greatly enhanced how businesses access global capital thanks to lower barriers, decreased costs, and enhanced transaction speed. Simultaneously, investment opportunities are reaching a more democratized state through fractionalization of assets & global compliance features.

The Digital Asset Suite also enables seamless dividend distribution, financial reporting, investor management, and voting functions, expanding its range of Clients to Institutions, Asset Managers, and Banks.

‍To date, Brickken has tokenized over +$200.000.000 across 14 jurisdictions and acquired a TVL of over +$10.000.000, placing it among the top 20 biggest service providers in the Blockchain Ecosystem. By partnering up with Chainlink, Cointelegraph, and over +100 other service providers globally, users gain access to a comprehensive network that aims to unlock the full potential of tokenization.

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About TransFi

TransFi’s purpose is to power the world’s payments, helping businesses and individuals access better ways to move money. Combining industry-leading coverage of currencies and payment methods, we deliver compliant payouts, collections, and treasury services across Asia, Europe, LatAm, Africa, and North America. In our pursuit to advance economic prosperity through borderless finance,

Cross-border payments are found to be expensive, time-consuming, unpredictable and poor user experience. For small and medium-sized businesses, especially in the technology and services sectors, or those dealing with counterparties in Asia, Europe, and Africa, the experience is even more difficult.

TransFi’s enterprise-grade, developer-friendly platform quietly transforms this problem —making cross-border payments faster, less expensive, and more reliable than ever. With a single integration, our clients get access to 100+ countries in 30+ currencies for real-time payments into and out of their bank accounts.

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