cBridge now supports XterBSC Rollup

Published on: 22.05.2024

cBridge now supports XterBSC Rollup, this enables users to easily transfer BNB between BNB Chain, opBNB, and the XterBSC Rollup.

Initially, Celer supports BNB bridging via the xLiquidity model, a pool-based method for token transfers between BNB Chain, opBNB, and the XterBSC Rollup. Furthermore, there is potential to integrate Celer’s Inter-chain Messaging Framework, a generic message-passing protocol, to enable developers to build dApps with a seamless cross-chain gaming user experience on the XterBSC Rollup in the future. This integration aims to enhance the interoperability and functionality of decentralized applications across multiple blockchain networks. As cBridge now supports XterBSC Rollup.

This integration would enable dApps to create smooth cross-chain user experiences between the XterBSC Rollup and various external blockchains. It would lay the foundation to support NFT bridges, facilitate purchasing and bidding on NFTs across different chains, and enable cross-chain reward claiming. These functions synergize well with Web3 gaming, providing players with numerous options and a richer gaming experience. Additionally, this can be offered to users as a single-click, single-transaction user experience, streamlining interactions and enhancing usability.


About Celer Network

Celer Network is a blockchain interoperability protocol that allows users to access tokens, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, governance, privacy solutions, and more across multiple chains with just a single click

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About Xterio

Xterio stands out as a Web3 gaming ecosystem and infrastructure provider, combining top-notch development capabilities with exceptional distribution expertise.

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