Enjinstarter Partners with ApeBond to Introduce a New EJS Bond

Published on: 22.05.2024
Enjinstarter Partners with ApeBond

Enjinstarter has partnered with ApeBond to introduce a new EJS bond, giving investors a chance to buy EJS tokens at a reduced price. This collaboration aims to boost liquidity in Enjinstarter’s pools and attract new users to the platform.

Benefits for Enjinstarter

The launch of EJS bonds offers several advantages for both Enjinstarter and its community:

  • Increased Fundraising Potential: Enjinstarter anticipates raising roughly $50,000 per month through ApeBond bonds. This consistent inflow of funds will support ongoing projects and future initiatives, ensuring sustained growth.
  • Enhanced Liquidity: Liquidity is essential for any token’s smooth operation. A strong liquidity-to-market-capitalization ratio minimizes price slippage, encouraging more trading activity and token growth. Conversely, poor liquidity can lead to rapid sell-offs and discourage potential investors.

Why ApeBond Bonds?

ApeBond Bonds offer a unique blend of traditional finance, DeFi, and NFTs. They allow users to acquire tokens at a discount by providing liquidity provider tokens or single assets like stablecoins. These bonds, represented as unique NFTs, are designed to promote long-term engagement and growth. There are two main types of Bonds:

  • Liquidity Bonds: Users exchange their Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens for discounted tokens with a vesting period.
  • Reserve Bonds: Users exchange their stablecoins or established tokens (blue chips) for discounted tokens with a vesting period.

The first round of EJS Bonds will be Reserve Bonds, allowing users to purchase EJS with BNB at a discount, with tokens vesting over 30 days.

This bond launch marks a significant step for Enjinstarter, creating new opportunities for investors and solidifying the foundation of its ecosystem. Join Enjinstarter in this exciting venture and be a part of the future of decentralized finance.

About ApeBond

Formerly ApeSwap, ApeBond has revolutionized DeFi markets since its launch in 2022 with its core product, Bonds, facilitating over $13 million USD in bonds. With more than 120 Bonds partners across five different blockchains, ApeBond is establishing itself as a leading Bonding Protocol in the industry. Their Launchpad, introduced in March, has already seen several successful launches and has many more planned for the future.

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About EnjinStarter

Enjinstarter is a cutting-edge Web3 launchpad committed to propelling the blockchain ecosystem forward by offering early access to innovative projects in Gaming, AI, DeFi, and the Bitcoin ecosystem. With a strong emphasis on community involvement and transparency, Enjinstarter provides a secure and fair investment platform. Participants can join by staking a minimum of 1,250 wEJS, gaining access to a multi-chain environment that has successfully launched over 80 IDOs. This platform not only democratizes investment opportunities but also fosters the growth and innovation of the blockchain community by supporting projects during their crucial early stages.

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