Testnet launch of Turbo on zkSync

Published on: 22.05.2024

Testnet launch of Turbo on zkSync, Turbo, powered by Herodotus, introduces a new type of transaction that will enable zkSync smart contractsto access current and historical data located on other chains.

Turbo expands the horizons for developers, facilitating the development of data-intensive applications and enabling the realization of functionalities that were once beyond reach. As Testnet launch of Turbo on zkSync. With Turbo, developers can build applications that:

  • Leverage historical price data, trading volumes, and liquidity across multiple chains to create advanced DeFi trading strategies.
  • Facilitate seamless asset transfers, liquidity provision, and other cross-chain interactions by accessing data from Ethereum L1, different L2s, and L3s.
  • Provide users with personalized experiences based on their transaction history and interactions across various blockchain networks.
  • Enable complex smart contract operations that require access to a wide range of data points, such as multi-chain yield aggregation or cross-chain lending and borrowing.

Thanks to Turbo, for the first time ever any developer can integrate Storage Proofs into their smart contracts without spending days learning how to use them.


About Herodotus

Herodotus is a powerful data access middleware that provides smart contracts with synchronous access to current and historical on-chain data across Ethereum layers

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About zkSync

zkSync is the industry-leading zero-knowledge EVM-based rollup powering hundreds of protocols worldwide and designed to resolve Ethereum scalability issues, to make Ethereum faster and cheaper to use.

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