Cluster Protocol and Mint Blockchain Partnership

Published on: 23.05.2024
Cluster Protocol and Mint Blockchain Partnership

Cluster Protocol announces its partnership with Mint Blockchain, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution specifically designed for the NFT industry, aiming to accelerate the mass adoption of NFTs.

This partnership will help to enhance the services provided by Cluster Protocol through the integration of Mint’s advanced NFT APIs and data.

The partnership between Cluster Protocol and Mint Blockchain marks a new era of innovation in decentralized AI. By leveraging Mint’s NFT APIs and data, Cluster Protocol aims to enrich user experiences and improve AI model training environments.

This integration creates synergies allowing Cluster Protocol to offer enhanced services, access valuable NFT data for better AI training, and facilitate mass adoption of NFTs in real-world applications, bridging AI and NFT technologies.

About Mint Blockchain

Mint Blockchain is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution specifically designed for the NFT industry, aiming to accelerate the mass adoption of NFTs.

As a key component of the Optimism Superchain and powered by NFTScan Labs, Mint Blockchain offers scalable and efficient solutions with faster and more cost-effective transactions.

It provides comprehensive NFT data and analytics, enabling valuable insights and enhancing the utility of NFTs. Dedicated to exploring innovative use cases, Mint Blockchain integrates NFTs into real-world business scenarios, unlocking their true potential.

With its Mainnet launch scheduled for May 2024, Mint Blockchain is set to revolutionize the NFT landscape and support the growth of the ecosystem.

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About Cluster Protocol

Cluster Protocol is a leading Proof of Compute Protocol and Open Source Community for Decentralized AI Models. It focuses on enhancing AI model training and execution across distributed networks, using techniques like fully homomorphic encryption and federated learning to ensure data privacy and secure localization.

With support for decentralized datasets and collaborative model training environments, Cluster Protocol democratizes access to computational resources and lowers barriers to AI development. Its innovative features, including Deploy to Earn and Proof of Compute, enable users to monetize idle GPU resources securely.

The platform offers infrastructure for building diverse AI applications, fostering transparency in task processing for decentralized networks.

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