GGEM and Rage Effect Partnership

Published on: 28.05.2024
GGEM and Rage Effect Partnership

GGEM is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Rage Effect, the first AAA cross-play shooter in the Web3 space.

Rage Effect is a free-to-play (F2P) multi-platform FPS that combines AAA graphics and gameplay with an innovative economic model for a sustainable and fair gaming experience. Also Rage Effect offers a thrilling blend of shooter action and strategic exploration, inspired by the legacy of Counter-Strike.

This partnership aligns perfectly with GGEM’s mission to bridge traditional and blockchain gaming, providing players with rewarding and engaging experiences.

About Rage Effect

Rage Effect is a F2P multi-platform FPS that revolutionizes the gaming experience with AAA graphics and gameplay. It introduces a new Play-and-Earn system across six game modes, fostering teamwork and rewarding collaboration through dynamic guild-based gameplay. Rage Guilds and RGE Battle Arenas empower players to form alliances, influence the game’s evolution via on-chain DAOs, and earn passive income. With support for PC, mobile, and (coming soon) console, Rage Effect is set to redefine Web3 gaming, combining competitive play with economic rewards.

Rage Effect is built on the Solana blockchain, leveraging its high transaction speed and robust development tools. The game utilizes the Unity engine for its flexibility and performance, ensuring an optimized and immersive gaming experience. Players can earn and spend $RGE tokens, and customize their avatars, weapons, maps, and inventory using NFTs. This combination of blockchain and FPS gameplay creates a unique and engaging environment for players.

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About GGEM

GGEM is the ultimate gaming ecosystem that aims to bridge the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming communities. Offering a game distribution service, an in-game asset renting marketplace, a gaming academy, and a space for communication and online events, GGEM provides high-quality education and resources to help players succeed in games. It also offers business tools and services for game companies to scale their player base.

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