zkMe Integration with BNBChain

Published on: 28.05.2024

zkMe Integration with BNBChain, this collaboration marks an important step towards integrating the advanced identity solutions into a broader ecosystem of the BNB Smart Chai, enhancing privacy and security across the DeFi landscape.

By integrating zkMe’s solutions with BSC, they leverage these benefits to offer a more seamless and cost-effective identity verification process. As zkMe Integration with BNBChain.

These oracles utilize cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology to securely and privately verify credential ownership across ecosystems without the need for centralized issuers. This approach not only enhances privacy but also simplifies compliance, making decentralized identities more accessible and practical in BNB Chain.

Benefits of zkMe on BNB Smart Chain
  • Advanced Privacy Solutions: Integrating zkMe’s ZKP technology into BSC will allow users to prove their identities and other credentials without revealing any underlying personal information.
  • Scalable Identity Verification: BSC is renowned for its high throughput and scalability.
  • Empowering DeFi and Beyond: The partnership will particularly benefit decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on BSC, where privacy and security are paramount.


About zkMe

zkMe builds zk Identity Oracles for truly decentralized & anonymous cross-chain credential verifications.

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About BNB Chain

Build N Build Chain is the world’s largest smart-contract blockchain in terms of transaction volume and daily active users and hosts Over 1,400 dApps and 2M+ weekly gamers, making it a great ecosystem for game developers to build on.

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