Mocaverse Partners with Cyber to support the Realm Network

Published on: 30.05.2024
Mocaverse Partners with Cyber to support the Realm Network

Mocaverse is  thrilled to partner with Cyber, the creators of the Layer 2 for Social and other on-chain protocols, and Web3Auth, a leading Wallet-as-a-Service provider, to support the Realm Network for consumer growth.

The Moca Network aims to enhance the connectivity of web2 and web3 users through interoperability, envisioning a seamless world where accounts, identities, reputations, and digital assets can be used universally. This vision is being realized through the launch of the Realm Network, an interoperable infrastructure layer designed to support consumer growth and network-building with key partners.


Since its launch in November 2023, Moca ID has driven growth within the Mocaverse Partner Network, collaborating with partners like Pixels, Nine Chronicles, Pixelmon, and various Web3 Wallets. Specifically, the goal is to create a reputation-based economy, facilitate user interaction across the network, and reward active users through the PointFi system. Moreover, Moca ID has proven successful, with nearly 1.5 million unique on-chain mints within six months, supported by the Animoca Brands ecosystem, potentially reaching over 700 million web2 and web3 users.


Additionally, the Realm Network, in collaboration with partners like Cyber and Web3Auth, aims to achieve global interoperability for accounts, IDs, reputations, and points. The network simplifies user access to multiple applications through three key products: Realm Account (a portable, embedded account with web2-friendly social login), Realm ID (a programmable decentralized identity with on-chain reputation), and Realm Points (a permissionless reward system). Consequently, these products enable users to interact seamlessly within the network, enhancing the ecosystem’s growth and utility.


Furthermore, by joining the Realm Network, projects benefit from immediate community engagement, and users gain access to a wide array of applications without managing multiple accounts. Indeed, Moca ID showcases the potential of the Realm Network, with more partners and developments to be announced.

About Cyber

Cyber is the first restaked Ethereum Layer 2 designed for social and optimized for mass adoption. It serves as the social layer for web3 applications and the gateway for the next wave of users to access web3 experiences, tools and financial liquidity across all Layer 2 ecosystems.

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About Mocaverse

Mocaverse is the Animoca Brands membership NFT collection of 8,888 unique beings that thrive in unity: The Mocas.

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