MPCVault and Hinkal Financial Operations in Crypto

Published on: 30.05.2024
MPCVault and Hinkal Financial Operations in Crypto

 Hinkal, and MPCVault explores the importance of financial operations (FinOps) for web3 teams, emphasizing the need for secure and confidential management of team assets and payments.

Traditional wallets fall short for team treasuries due to their complexity, making dedicated solutions essential.

MPCVault is a non-custodial web3 wallet designed for teams and businesses, managing over $1.5 billion in assets. It facilitates efficient treasury management across multiple chains and addresses, supporting multi-chain, multi-asset, and multi-sig functionalities. The platform employs advanced security measures, including Intel SGX and AMD SEV for TEE runtime, end-to-end encrypted communication, and a zero-trust architecture.

Hinkal is a zk-protocol that ensures on-chain confidentiality by re-anonymizing transactions and token allocations. It uses shielded addresses and relayers to execute transactions without revealing wallet addresses.

Users can create shielded addresses, deposit tokens, and engage in various DeFi activities untraced. Hinkal’s security measures include multiple audits, inspections by whitehats, and real-time threat detection.

Both MPCVault and Hinkal offer innovative solutions to address the complex needs of web3 team FinOps, prioritizing security and confidentiality in managing crypto assets and transactions.


MPCVault and Hinkal are pioneering, providing solutions that cater to the needs of web3 teams and VCs. MPCVault offers a non-custodial wallet with versatile features for secure asset handling and dApp interactions, while Hinkal introduces a zk-protocol ensuring unparalleled confidentiality for on-chain transactions. Both platforms prioritize stringent security measures, aiming to set high standards and shaping the future of decentralized financial operations.

About MPCVault

MPCVault is a non-custodial Web3 wallet designed for teams, offering multi-chain, multi-asset, and multi-sig features.

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About Hinkal

Hinkal is a zk-protocol designed for institutional use that facilitates discreet on-chain transactions. It allows for the creation of shielded addresses and enables liquid funds and retail users to transact on major  without concealing the origin, destination, and value of the transactions

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