Polychain Monsters and Xai Games Exploring DN404

Polychain Monsters and Xai Games Exploring DN404

Polychain Monsters and Xai Games are exploring the use of DN404 (also known as ERC404) in fully on-chain games.

The partnership will involve Polychain Monsters deploying their multi-chain Monster Battler on Xai‘s gaming chain, which is an Arbitrum Orbit-based sister chain of the PMON L3 chain.

Introduction of ERC404:

ERC404, also known as DN404, represents a major advancement in the Ethereum blockchain, combining the features of ERC20 (fungible tokens) and ERC721 (non-fungible tokens) to create a hybrid token standard. This standard, introduced by the Pandora NFT collection, enables fractional ownership of NFTs, thereby enhancing accessibility and liquidity in the NFT market.

Features and Benefits:

First, ERC404 tokens offer both fungible and non-fungible properties, allowing users to own and trade fractions of high-value NFTs. Additionally, these tokens facilitate dynamic asset management: they can be minted or burned as fractional shares are traded, reflecting changes directly on the associated NFTs. Consequently, this democratizes access to expensive digital assets and opens new opportunities in art, real estate, gaming, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Evolution to DN404:

Subsequently, a group of Solidity developers further optimized ERC404, resulting in DN404, which improves gas efficiency and performance. This evolution underscores the continuous innovation within the Ethereum ecosystem, enhancing how digital assets are managed and traded.

Impact on Digital Ownership:

ERC404 and DN404 exemplify the trend towards more flexible and sophisticated token standards. They showcase the technical progress within Ethereum and hint at broader applications in both digital and real-world contexts. Therefore, these standards are pivotal in shaping the future of digital ownership and asset management.

Unique Applications in Gaming:

In the realm of gaming, DN404 enables new mechanics, such as fractionalizing monsters in battles. When a monster loses, it could be split into fractions, with parts taken by the victor. This adds strategic depth to gameplay. Furthermore, players can boost their monsters by staking fractions of other monsters, similar to equipment or power-ups in traditional games. This allows for highly customized and powerful creatures through strategic combinations.

Looking ahead, the collaboration between Polychain Monsters and Xai aims to explore these unique possibilities, suggesting that DN404 will introduce even more innovative mechanics and features to on-chain gaming.


  • DN404 represents a significant step forward in blockchain technology, particularly in how digital assets are owned and traded. Its applications in gaming and beyond highlight the ongoing innovation and potential within the Ethereum ecosystem, setting the stage for future developments in digital ownership and asset management.

About Polychain Monsters

olychain Monsters is an enchanting cross-chain realm pulsing with dynamic, gamified collectibles — fueled by PMON. Here, you’re not merely a collector but a brave adventurer forging bonds with Polymon — your metaverse-ready frens bursting with personality. With stunning designs and lifelike animations, Polychain Monsters bring a whole new dimension to the world of NFTs.

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