Rebel Bots: Epic War — The New MOBA Game Launched

Published on: 30.05.2024
Rebel Bots Launch Epic War

Embark on an epic journey into the heart of battle with Rebel Bots: Epic War, the newest addition to the world of MOBA gaming.

This new title seamlessly blends the strategic depth of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games with the collectible excitement of trading cards, the thrill of loot crates, and the cutting-edge technology of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), all integrated in-game.

The MOBA Experience

At its core, Rebel Bots: Epic War is a MOBA game that pits players against each other in dynamic and strategic battles. Players will control their unique bots, each with specialized abilities and roles, to outmaneuver and outplay the opposition. The game’s focus on teamwork and strategy will require players to make split-second decisions that could turn the tide of battle.

Collectible Cards

What sets Rebel Bots: Epic War apart is its integration of collectible cards. These cards represent various bots, abilities, and power-ups that players can collect. Building the perfect deck will be key to dominating the battlefield, as each card combination will offer different strategies and synergies to explore.

Loot Crates

Loot crates add an element of surprise and progression to the game. By participating in matches and achieving victories, players can earn crates that contain random cards and items. These crates provide the dual thrill of chance and reward, encouraging players to continuously engage with the game and refine their strategies. People will also be able to sell any of these loot crates in marketplaces before opening them up.

NFT Integration

In a groundbreaking move, Rebel Bots: Epic War incorporates NFTs to take ownership and trading to the next level. Each bot and card in the game is a unique NFT, meaning players truly own their in-game assets. This allows for secure and verifiable trading between players, as well as the potential for assets to appreciate in value over time.

Immutable Passport Integration with Polygon zkEVM

Epic War is set to incorporate Immutable Passport, allowing players to access their accounts through their passports. This integration will enable the receipt of NFTs at the passport-linked address, streamlining transactions on NFT marketplaces like TokenTrove and Sphere Market.


Rebel Bots: Epic War is poised to redefine the MOBA genre by introducing card collection, loot crate mechanics, and NFT technology. With its focus on strategy, collectibility, and player ownership, the game is sure to captivate both casual gamers and hardcore strategists alike. Prepare for battle, collect your bots, and join the Epic War.


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