Sonic Community Council

Published on: 14.06.2024

Introducing the Fantom Sonic Community Council

The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly evolving, and to navigate these changes, the Fantom Sonic Community Council (SCC) has been established.This council is set to play a pivotal role in guiding the community through significant developments, particularly as we approach the highly anticipated Meme Season 2024 and the launch of the new Sonic network.

Composition of the Council

The SCC is a diverse assembly of representatives from various influential protocols within the Fantom ecosystem. The initial council members include:

  • Hoops from Equalizer Exchange: Bringing extensive experience in decentralized finance and liquidity management.
  • FantomIndia from Opera Node 48: Representing one of the critical nodes in the network, with deep insights into network operations and community engagement.
  • Franz from Beethoven X: Known for innovative approaches in decentralized exchanges and liquidity pools.
  • SamWitch from PaintSwap/Estfor Kingdom: A leader in the NFT and gaming sectors, contributing a unique perspective on asset management and user engagement.
  • Carl from Debita Finance: Specializing in financial solutions within the blockchain space, ensuring economic stability and growth.

Responsibilities of the SCC

Meme Season 2024 Oversight: The SCC will initially manage the temporary custody of liquidity pools (LPs) for the upcoming Meme Season competition.

Risk Management: One of the critical responsibilities during Meme Season 2024 is managing the downside risks of burnt LPs, which are irretrievable, and locked LPs, which may not unlock at the optimal time for migration.

Migration to the Sonic Network

Following the launch of the Sonic

network, the SCC will coordinate the migration of LPs held in the Fantom SCC multi-sig wallet to Sonic.

Supporting the Community

The establishment of the SCC underscores a commitment to fostering a robust and resilient community. By ensuring the secure handling and efficient migration of LPs, the council aims to bolster the ecosystem’s integrity and promote sustained growth.




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