ERC 20 News

🏷️ Chainguardians is delighted to reveal that they will be collaborating with Orion Protocol as part of their NFT Aggregator. ChainGuardians to be amongst the first NFTs on their...
🏷️ Paid network is proud to announce that they have secured investment from Binance’s $100M DeFi Accelerator...
🏷️ The Bytom Official blockchain is integrating Chainlink as the recommended oracle solution for all Bytom dApps. The first integration involves MOV Network using a new Chainlink...
🏷️ Mantradao is delighted to announce that they will be partnering up with Paid Network for the first dual launchpad partnership in the crypto...
🏷️ Reflexerfinance is using the Chainlink ETH/USD Price Feed in their RAI mainnet launch. #Chainlink allows the collateralization ratios of all positions to be consistently updated,...
🏷️ Filecoin #MinerInsurance, DataDAOs, Data Bounties, #DeFi Data, & Automated Storage are just some of the initial use cases being explored in our Chainlink...
🏷️ Imagine you’ve moved to another house and now need an electricity contract. With the PayPolitan app, you can find it...
$MATIC is now listed on OKEx, one of the world’s largest exchanges. This is part of #OKEx’s Layer 2 Carnival, motivated by a wider focus on scaling...
Exeedme is super excited to announce a partnership with a Polkadot project! Polkamarkets is betting on the future of #Esports: – by leveraging their gaming know-how to help them grow...
Filecoin reduces the barriers to entry for storage providers and turns cloud storage into a commodity. This allows new entrants to easily compete with entrenched players. And it’s all done...
🏷️ OriginProtocol is using Chainlink on mainnet for more precise & cost-efficient exchange rate updates during the minting & redeeming of its OUSD stablecoin. CreamdotFinance is...
🏷️ Three days left until the future of trading, Three days until #OrionTerminal is live. 1. Deep cross-exchange liquidity. 2. Global access to the best prices, guaranteed. 3. Trade...
🏷️ KickPad is proud to officially announce a partnership with MANTRADAO, a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Cross-chain DeFi...
🏷️ Avalaunch joins as Orion Protocol #LaunchpadLiquidity partner. This will enable Avalaunch, the first fundraising platform built on Avalanche to list incubated projects on their own...
A comprehensive technological partnership has been recently forged between #Spider, a cross-chain project heavily funded by the government of Hangzhou Future Science Town and...
Prosperpredict has recently released their technical report! This report encompasses: 1. What happened on Polygon? 2.Compensation in $MATIC tokens 3. List of their Top...
Opyn is excited to announce their MeMe contest! who sends you the best DeFi memes? Tell them to enter the Opyn meme challenge and they could win $3,000+. Contest is live until April 1st!...
#Ethereum Network Status   Largest Transaction 24h (USD): 782.1M (+298.6%)   Average Tx Fee (USD): 16.6 (-5.4%)   Median Tx Fee (USD): 8.94 (-7.7%)   Mempool Txs: 68655...
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