Salesforce Director of Strategy & Architecture Successfully Tested Enterprise Adoption Ideas on VeChainThor

Published on: 09.04.2021

VeChain Foundation pleased to worked with Daniel Nortje, a Director of Strategy & Architecture at Salesforce.

Daniel Nortje was successfully Tested Enterprise Adoption Ideas on VeChainThor.


VeChainThor Foundation are excited to be writing about the work of a talented and highly influential individual, no other than Daniel Nortje, a Director of Strategy & Architecture at Salesforce built an open source Salesforce — ToolChain Adapter to enable open, seamless data sharing across multiple parties, using data hashed on the VeChainThor public blockchain.


About VeChain:

VeChain Foundation was launced in 2015 and has worked tirelessly to build the bridges between blockchain technology and the real world. VeChain’s mission is to empower builders by developing tools that systematically eliminate adoption hurdles.



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