Filet and Poly Network Established a Strategic Partnership

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Filet Finance has announced its partnership with PolyNetwork to accelerate Filecoin mining power’s cross-chain circulation.

FILE can not only be traded on the chain, but also be freely transferred and circulated among the Heco, BSC and Ether without other tools or channels, which is greatly convenient for users to redeem FILE and facilitates the wider circulation of FILE.


About Filet

Filet is a mining platform for the tokenization of Filecoin mining power. Filet tokenizes the Filecoin mining power owned by the mining pool by issuing FILE. Users can stake FIL or other tokens, or pay USDT (HUSD), to get the Filecoin cloud mining power. Therefore, users can continuously obtain mining output from FIL.


About Poly Network

Poly Network is the most implementable cross-chain interoperability protocol for heterogeneous chains in the current market. Following the mainnet launch in August 2020, it has realized the interoperability of 10 mainstream heterogeneous blockchains including Bitcoin, Ether, Neo, Ontology, Heco, BSC, OKExChain, etc.




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