Ferrum Network Seals Strategic Partnership with ECHO

What is ECHO?

ECHO aims to be the place where savvy investors find and DYOR their tokens instantly.

The current social ecosystem within the crypto sphere is largely reminiscent of the early days of the internet- anonymous and largely un-indexed. It is highly unapproachable to the average crypto enthusiast who wishes to invest in or support new projects. Moreover, it requires exploration of various disconnected social channels which are typically hard to manage for the project teams. Overall, it leads to poor and inefficient discovery of upcoming and reliable blockchain projects and communities.

ECHO aims to solve this through the creation of a vetted token listing, discovery, staking, and rewards DApp. Their roadmap positions the platform to emerge as the next era in social discovery for the crypto community to come together and form tight-knit communities around their interests, support projects they identify with, and get rewarded for their contribution and engagement.

To top it all of, 3% of all token transactions and a percentage of every financial transaction on the app including staking, claiming NFT rewards and crypto cashback will go to a community-chosen charity every month. ECHO’s vision is to create a world where people live fulfilling lives in tight-knit communities where they feel like they belong.

What does this partnership entail?

Ferrum sees tremendous value in a project that aims to accomplish what ECHO is setting out to do. Vetting projects is something that Ferrum has taken an extremely strong stance on throughout the course of Ferrum Advisory Services. Furthermore, associating with projects who aim to make the space a safer one while simultaneously attempting to make the world a better one is something we can totally get behind!

Ferrum Listed on ECHO

Ferrum has been listed on ECHO at www.echo.place/coins/ferrum-network. Investors can now do their own due diligence and see a fully vetted and extensive synopsis of Ferrum Network!

Referral Agreement

Both of these incredible companies are heavily reliant on collaboration with other projects in the crypto space. ECHO benefits greatly from projects choosing to list on their platform and Ferrum benefits from projects who choose to integrate their products and services such as Staking as a Service, Anti Bot Fair Launch Technology, and the latest Ferrum Cross Chain Token Bridge.

Therefore, Ferrum and ECHO have formed an agreement that will incentivize each company to refer projects from their ecosystems to each other to utilize each other’s products and services. Ferrum feel that both parties will benefit greatly from this deal flow based partnership in the form of generating revenue. This revenue will then be put to work in order to help scale each of their respective teams and grow their influence in the market!

Future Staking as a Service Integrations

As part of ECHO’s roadmap, they have plans to integrate an easy to use staking technology into their platform. This will allow the projects they have listed to give their communities a way to stake their respective tokens. What better Staking as a Service solution out there than Ferrum’s!? ECHO agrees and will be implementing this as they continue down their roadmap.



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Altcoin Market Cap: $842.14B
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