Oddz Collaborates With Auxesia

Oddz Finance announces its collaboration with Auxesia Crypto, a crypto fund on the blockchain.

Auxesia is a comprehensive solution for retail investors seeking a smarter, easier way to manage risk while reaching long-term financial goals. Oddz and Auxesia have mutually agreed to collaborate and they are working towards various ways to manage hedged positions and provide liquidity by following Auxesia’s dynamic and diverse strategies and also use Oddz perpetuals for managing digital assets for Auxesia’s users.

As Oddz is a multi-chain derivatives trading platform and Auxesia manages digital assets using derivatives, this partnership would benefit users of both platforms. Auxesia is one of the first tokenized crypto funds. AXZ Token is a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio created by Auxesia.

Data Science is at the core of Auxesia. Auxesia uses advanced trading strategies that have a mathematical edge which generates greater returns than buy-and-hold and Auxesia also specialises in strategic liquidity providing techniques.


About Auxesia

Auxesia is a Data-Science driven crypto fund on the blockchain. They deploy automated trading strategies that are capable of identifying trends and keeping drawdowns to a minimum while maintaining superior returns. Auxesia has created the AXZ token, which enables retail investors to enjoy healthy returns and enables them to have one of the most powerful cryptocurrency portfolios.


About Oddz

Oddz is a multi-chain derivatives trading platform that allows users to create, maintain, execute and settle trustless option contracts, conditional token agreements, perpetual and futures contracts in a fast, secure, and flexible manner.



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