Flamingo Crew Minting is still Live!

The coolest Flamingos Crew are back in town! MINT LIVE for 24 hours. It will be available in MagicEden and DigitalEyes shortly after finish minting.

Each Flamingo has a mint cost of 0.6 SOL (0.5 SOL during pre-sale).

The sale will only be up for 24 hours on this site, whatever amount of Flamingos are saved/minted (up to a maximum of 2,500) by then, will be the ones that will be available in the market, the rest will be sadly burned forever.

They believe this ensures the Flamingo Crew believers get the best deal as that way if in the worst case only 10 are minted, they will be one of the lucky owners of a very rare and small collection, in the other hand if the 2,500 are sold within the 24 hours, they will own a piece of an extremely popular collection! So get your SOLs prepared for the sale!

There is no limit on the total of Flamingos you can mint, but there is a maximum of one per transaction.

About Flamingo Crew

Flamingo Crew is a collection of 2,500 programmatically generated NFTs coming to the Solana blockchain and hosted in the arweave permaweb to ensure you don’t ever lose access to your precious asset.

Each Flamingo has been randomly generated with a combination of attributes. Each Flamingo will be unique and of different rarity.


Each flamingo comes with a bunch of different attributes and accessories (or none at all) that have been randomly picked during the minting process using a weighted bias to have some accessories be rarer than others but ultimately their rarity will only be known once the Flamingos have been saved or burned. Here you will be able to check the rarity once the initial sale has happened.


Website ♦ Twitter

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