de Social Integrates Chainlink to Validate NFT Authenticity

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de Social Integrates Chainlink to Validate NFT Authenticity. Chainlink’s oracle services will provide de.Social the infrastructure needed to build decentralized, scalable and secure hybrid smart contracts.

This integration will enable users can mint and verify NFT authenticity within the de.Social network. This means that all NFTs requested through de.Social smart contracts are checked for sensitive media and content authenticity; all NFTs must be created from within the de.Social app. This makes de.Social one of the first players in creating a mobile-native dApp for NFT content creation, discovery, and exchange.

More on, Chainlink integration will provide dApp scalability, smart contract security, and authenticity verification of de.Social NFTs by capitalizing on Chainlink’s Any API service. de.Social will continue to explore the boundaries of crypto media and hybrid smart contracts with future plans of verifying Web 2.0 accounts with Web 3.0 Ethereum wallets via Chainlink external adapters.

About de Social

de Social is an up-and-coming decentralized app for creating, sharing, and exchanging unique content as NFTs. Armed with a vision to put the power of decentralization into the hands of creators and users, de.Social is revolutionizing the creator economy by bringing digital ownership to your fingertips.

de.Social’s app enables its users to seamlessly turn unique content into NFTs with just the touch of a button, giving creators complete control over the monetization of their own content and bringing them closer to their community.

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the leading decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to reliably interact with off-chain data and systems such as web API’s, cloud providers, payments systems, IoT devices, and much more.



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