Introducing marginfi

 marginfi, a decentralized margin protocol for trading across Solana. In a world where DeFi markets are exploding in numbers, marginfi makes it easy for traders to access margin, manage risk, and improve capital efficiency across the entire Solana ecosystem from one unified place.

Markets, markets, markets

Trading on Solana is growing at a breakneck pace. Finding a market to optimize your financial exposure has never been easier — over 100 DeFi projects are building on Solana.

There are DeFi protocols to trade a multitude of tokens across spot, futures, and options markets. New primitives are enabling critical solutions to risk management — take note of anything Paradigm’s Dave White has published in the last three months (and protocols implementing these primitives like Bridgesplit and 01). Projects like off-piste’s pre-public derivatives are making the un-tradable tradable and democratizing important access to exposure. The volume is staggering: Serum alone pushed nearly $2B in volume in September.

New financial products give traders more flexibility than they’ve had , and it’s incredible to see a growing ecosystem of projects powering this revolution. Protocols are finding new niches in which to specialize and adding complementary solutions in one major decentralized effort.

However, the increasing number of markets presents a critical problem: the fragmentation of the trader experience. As protocols specialize in their own product niches, traders must operate  protocols to optimize their financial exposure and access complementary products.

You can access a better financial system than ever before, but you have no way of thinking about all of your exposure in terms of .

They believe in decentralization and the power of the new financial products DeFi is empowering. They want traders to trade the markets they need without being constrained by the operational complexity of managing their portfolios. The road to the ultimate solution will be long with many steps, but we think it’s important to start with a financial primitive that sits at the core of trading: margin.

Introducing marginfi

marginfi gives traders a global margin account for trading across all protocols on Solana. It is one place for traders to take on margin when they need it, manage margin requirements across the protocols they trade, and maximize the capital they put to work.

marginfi will empower traders to do things like:

  • Access the benefits of cross-margin by using profits in one protocol to offset losses in another
  • Borrow & lend margin under one global context
  • Structure complex exposure and participate in more markets

Trade with leverage.

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Market Stats:
BTC Dominance: 41.6%(-0.13%/24h)
ETH Dominance: 19.6%(+0.00%/24h)
Defi Market Cap: $141.22B(-27.81%/24h)
Total Market Cap: $2493.82B(+1.77%/24h)
Total Trading Volume 24h: $111.01B(-32.57%/24h)
ETH Market Cap: $491.61B
Defi to ETH Ratio: 28.73%
Defi Dominance: 5.36%
Altcoin Market Cap: $1456.51B
Altcoin Volume 24h: $80.57B
Total Cryptocurrencies: 14873
Active Cryptocurrencies: 7741
Active Market Pairs: 49825
Active Exchanges: 436
Total Exchanges: 1545
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