Bancambios DeFi The First Eco-Driven DeFi Platform On Solana

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a newly created ecosystem of financial applications and protocols built on blockchain technology with programmable capabilities, such as Ethereum and Solana. 

Believe it or not, growth and challenges, in their simplest form are hyper-focused on the very existence of the demands brought by the trend of the business. It is a response to the growing technology, the ever-expanding world of the DeFi platform.

Bigger, better, and more are what is DeFi is all about. It is how tailor-fit on the Decentralized Finance platform on Solana.

In this article, we are going to share the First Eco-driven DeFi platform on Solana, the Bancambios DeFi, is an impact-driven DeFi Ecosystem automatically contributing to projects protecting the Biodiversity of the Planet.


Bancambios is a decentralized trading terminal that is used to perform on-chain trades. They are not only designing the products for beginners to enter DeFi through Bancambios Academy but also for DeFi experts to participate actively. They are also inviting the conventional capital markets, hedge funds, and traditional traders to enter Bancambios DeFi through its education/introduction courses to join the Decentralized Financial Renaissance. They want Bancambios to be the Crypto DeFi Ecosystem for Capital Markets and Traditional Traders. Bancambios Economic System is built with multiple emerging technologies, bringing together our passion for people to raise the global Social Economic standard. Built on Solona Blockchain, Bancambios is the on-chain trading terminal empowering the financial renaissance.

Meaning of Bancambios

Banca – Bank or Banking. Medieval origin (11th-15th centuries). The word “bank” is derived from the Italian word ‘banco‘, literally meaning ‘bench’, since Italian merchants in the Renaissance period made deals to borrow and lend by placing the money owed on a bench. In fact, the world’s oldest bank can be traced back to 1462 – the Banca Monte Dei Paschi di Siena in Italy.

Cambios – to change or exchange. “Cambio” in Latin means mutation, transformation, variation, update, evolution, Moneta (the coin of small denomination), the process of alteration, rearrangement, or permutation.

Why they decided to build token on Solana Blockchain?

✔️ The main reason is that the validations on this blockchain do not create a negative carbon footprint on the environment.

✔️ Secondly is due to Solana’s inexpensive transaction fees. The transaction fees are extremely low ($10 for 1,000,000 transactions).

✔️ Another major point is because of the High throughput. At this moment, Solana does 30,000 transactions per second with a capacity to scale up to 100,000,000 transactions per second.

Solana is cheaper and faster. The maximum transactions per second are currently 59,490 and block times 400ms. You can conduct global transactions in seconds, unlike most popular cryptocurrencies. And since there is no centralized control, nothing can stop, block, or confiscate your transactions like fiat currencies.

They are also happy to develop its DeFi ecosystem using Rust programming language. By nature, Rust is one of the fastest-growing programming languages and allows fast computer processing in Blockchains. I is suitable for developing real-world blockchains because it is safe, fast, and has an exclusively concurrent nature. For Bancambios, Rust solves the issues of memory safety and thread concurrency.

Since DeFi is programmable money, they are automating a percentage of the trading volume to be directly sent to initiatives that are helping the environment, society, and the natural ecosystems (including animals) around the world.

Why Choose Bancambios

Bancambios was created to improve the stagnant economic system, by offering dynamic and sustainable financial solutions.

The goal is to achieve the “Kinetic-Money” on a collective self-banking community. Bancambios Economic System is built with multiple emerging technologies, bringing together its passion for People, with the goal to raise the global Social Economic standard.

Bancambios plans to solve the current problems of the current traditional financial markets:


The world is dawning into the era of monetary sovereignty and surveillance. People would rely on technological systems than in Legacy systems, achieving full control of their money, identity, and economy. We aim to empower the transition by offering responsive financial services with “kinetic money”, dynamic and constantly working for the User: always in their control, under the most competitive performance.


Around $240 trillion would be migrated and issued on top of a new trading layer in the upcoming years. Bancambios Financial Trading Ledger aims to host and launch strongly audited backed-asset symbols. They focus on sustainable investing for the replacement of the industries that are unbalanced and polluting our environment. Not exclusively to Legacy wealth management systems but achieving the Globalization and Unification of Capital Markets.


In a world where the value of fiat currencies depreciates faster than the interest rates it offers, banks and wealth management institutions are not only delivering a mediocre performance that impoverishes the society and pollutes the environment. Bancambios will consider nature preservation and sustainability as true wealth generation. They are stepping into the replacement of the industries, leaving Legacy systems and joining supersonic technological-smart money.


In a world where pandemics could be a new standard, physical contact needs to be avoided more than ever. Moreover, there is enough plastic being used on the planet. Bancambios is totally in favor of reducing the issuance of plastic cards. So, their point of sale (PoS) systems will only need NFC, Wi-Fi, BT, or bio-identity to make the economy move forward.


Collective Funding for high-quality entrepreneurial initiatives will become the new pillar of the economy. High-performing assets are going to become essential for people owning, creating, and trusting their own economy. Bancambios is building a new infrastructure for the “Crowd”-owned economy. It’s not only for the tech-savvy or the sophisticated users. They will also democratize the accessibility to high-quality financial products for those who require more guidance.


Before the global pandemic, half of the world’s global population lived with less than $5.5 a day. They are here to change that. Bancambios Bio-Identity means you can bank without any excess bureaucracy, using your face + voice + body. Connecting them to instant pools or working capital makes a strong emphasis on commitment to the trust deposited on our users.


The cardless and hack-proof ATM network allows its Users to pay multiple utility bills. Retrieve or withdraw cash (while it exists), access instant credit pools, send money without fees, as well as buy or sell digital assets using only your biometrics.


Their platform has two DEX terminals. One is the NOVOBOOK for the new people entering DeFi. Here, newbies can find explainer videos on how to make on-chain trades. The second terminal is ALPHATRADE for advanced DeFi traders, with on-chain Micro-Futures, Derivatives, Liquidity Pools, Farms, Staking, Loans, and other DeFi functions that are under development. They are also excited to connect with the other projects on the vibrant ecosystem of Solana. Presently, there are over 250 projects in the Solana ecosystem, and more are on the way! The Solana Foundation usually releases a bi-weekly ecosystem update highlighting the huge array of projects under the Solana blockchain, and we’re glad to be part of it. Some of the projects here include decentralized exchanges, metaverse platforms, unique wallet solutions, storage solutions, lending protocols, digital games, staking platforms, and many others.


The “bank” belongs to the people that use it. To start with, they are using Twitter polls to make decisions about the user interface, name of products, and other decisions to start democratizing the operations of the project. It is important to apply and hear the community and take decisions according to the best practices. By the end of Q4, they expect to have a proper DAO like the ones built on Aragor that empower member-owned communities without centralized leadership. A safe way to collaborate with community members and commit funds to a specific cause is to be an autonomous governed community. After launching their DAO, it will be used for fundraising, managing financial operations, and decentralizing governance to the community. It will also cooperate according to transparent rules encoded on the Ethereum blockchain while eliminating the need for a centralized, administrative entity.

Bancambios Chooses Solana Blockchain to Build its DeFi Platform

BX Token is a Solana-based token powering the Bancambios Decentralized Trading Network. 

The CEO of Bancambios has stated that building their platform on the Solana blockchain will help achieve the normalization of the use of Web3, a key priority on the road to facilitating the globalization of DeFi.

“We aim to build a DeFi ecosystem that is conscious of people and the environment- we don’t want crypto behaving like traditional players in legacy financial markets. Blockchain, and specifically highly accessible networks like Solana, offer us a chance to create something new. Today we can code DeFi protocols that have real tangible positive influence on the problems we face, like pollution and threats to biodiversity- all through the use of programmable decentralize finance. Our vision is that every DEX on every chain would implement this type of impact-driven tool… imagine the difference this can make. It empowers monetary sovereignty, creation of jobs, and protection of biodiversity at the same time.”

BX Details:

➛ Name: Bancambios DeFi

➛ Ticker: BX

➛ Total Supply: 963,963,963

➛ Network: Solana Blockchain

BX Token Sale is empowering the next Products:

  • StableSwap ♟
  • Alpha-Dex with advanced trading tools for better on-chain asset monitoring 📊
  • Liquidity Pools 💱 🦍
  • Lendbook 🎫
  • DeFi Academy 🎓
  • Impact-Catapult 🚀

“Bancambios is the first project hosted in Solana that implements a reflective balance mechanism. Bancambios DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), is where the community of BX holders collectively proposes and decides where to direct the impact built by the DeFi community.

While composing this Bancambios DeFi is now having its BX Community Pre-Sale. Registration is Open. Just retweet PINNED message on its Twitter to participate in the raffle 🔮

Early Pre-Sale Registration is Live you can join 👉 HERE


🌐 Website 🦧 Discord 📧 Telegram 🐦 Twitter 📖 LinkedIn 🎞 Medium 

🎥 YouTube 🧧 Reddit 📷 Instagram 📘 Facebook


“We deliver the news article base on our thorough research. We want to preserve some important information regarding the project that is presented in our column. We value our reader’s opinions and we thank you for your valued respect for us. We also don’t advise our readers to invest. As we always say ” Invest at your own risk and only invest what you can afford to lose “.


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