CelerNetwork Announced Mainnet Launch Of cBridge 2.0

cBridge 2.0, unveiled less than two months ago and powered by the upgraded State Guardian Network (SGN), is now live on mainnet!

In the first phase of the launch, users will be able to transfer USDT, USDC, and ETH across Avalanche, Arbitrum, BSC, ETH, Fantom, and Polygon within minutes and with significantly reduced costs. Liquidity Providers (LPs) have the option to provide liquidity to highly efficient pool contracts without the overhead of operating cBridge nodes. Developers of dApps can directly integrate with the cBridge 2.0 SDK and enable a native multi-chain user experience.


For Users

— The ability to make larger cross-chain transactions.
— A one-click user experience for cross-chain bridging.
— The ability to directly receive unwrapped gas tokens.
— Liquidity-supply-based efficient pricing between chains and tokens.

For Liquidity Providers

— The ability to easily add liquidity to smart contract pools managed by the SGN without being required to run a node.
— LPs are not required to mint synthetic tokens and therefore, are not exposed to the volatile settlement tokens that occur in some AMM designs.
— Access to high liquidity efficiency by directly adding and managing bare-metal tokens without the complex AMM routing.
— Explicit liquidity attribution to allow LPs to easily profit from active cross-chain arbitraging.

For Developers

— An easy-to-integrate SDK that enables users to have a full-fledged multi-chain experience natively available in their blockchain wallets and dApps. Such as multi-chain DEXs, Metaverse games, NFT marketplaces, and DeFi aggregators.

About Celer Network

Celer Network is the most advanced layer-2 scaling platform to build fast, easy-to-use, low-cost and secure blockchain applications at internet scale. Celer was founded by experienced entrepreneurs with PhDs degrees from MIT, Princeton, UC Berkeley and UIUC and has a fast-growing all-star team with years of engineering, product, user growth and marketing experience from tech giants like Google, Amazon, Cisco, Oracle, HP and more.


Market Stats:
BTC Dominance: 41.58%(-0.11%/24h)
ETH Dominance: 19.64%(+0.00%/24h)
Defi Market Cap: $141.5B(-27.61%/24h)
Total Market Cap: $2501.3B(+1.63%/24h)
Total Trading Volume 24h: $112.78B(-32.17%/24h)
ETH Market Cap: $491.74B
Defi to ETH Ratio: 28.77%
Defi Dominance: 5.37%
Altcoin Market Cap: $1461.31B
Altcoin Volume 24h: $81.91B
Total Cryptocurrencies: 14873
Active Cryptocurrencies: 7777
Active Market Pairs: 50156
Active Exchanges: 436
Total Exchanges: 1545
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