PARSIQ Enters Strategic Partnership with Starbots

PARSIQ is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Starbots, a new blockchain game that offers some truly interesting ways of utilizing our technology.

Within the entertainment industry, gaming stands as a giant. Estimated to already be worth upwards of $160 billion, it shows no signs of slowing down its growth. In fact, with blockchain gaming on the rise—not to mention the prospects that metaverse offers gamers—it seems that the gaming industry could begin to grow at an even faster pace.

Enabling Innovative Features that will Shape the Future of Blockchain Gaming!

PARSIQ + Starbots

PARSIQ has joined Starbots as a strategic investor. One role that PARSIQ will play is offering Starbots assistance with some of their fundamentals, such as in-game development, go-to-market strategies, and community expansion.

Beyond this, they look forward to integrating the PARSIQ platform into their platform, and onboarding them onto IQ Protocol. And not only that! They are especially excited to infuse the renting capabilities within the gaming experience they offer.  For example, they look forward to providing the framework for renting and lending tokens—both NFTs and standard, fungible tokens—in Starbots, which will allow players to gain access to various sorts of in-game utilities.

This will be important, say, for players wanting to rent out (or borrow) weapons, armor, or other NFT-based items and utilities. But it will also be instrumental in making it possible for holders of the native platform tokens to gain access to specialized aspects of the game: holders or renters of certain tokens could, for instance, qualify to enter exclusive tournaments, or, for example, gain access to other content or to purchase specific NFTs that play specific roles in the game.

What is Starbots?

Starbots is a game based on the Solana blockchain. It is the first-ever playable robot battle, NFT game where players gain GEAR tokens as they play and interact with other players. The tokens are earned in various ways, for instance, by strategically assembling their own robots, by winning battles, by completing missions, or by conquering new lands.

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PARSIQ is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform connecting on-chain and off-chain applications in real-time, providing transaction notifications for end-users. With PARSIQ you can connect blockchain activity to off-chain apps and devices, monitor and secure DeFi applications, and build custom event triggers and power real-time automation.

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