SupraOracles partners with xHashtag

SupraOracles is delighted to announce they have partnered with xHashtag, a DAO ecosystem that is building a robust community accelerator platform. This will allow users to complete simple on-chain and off-chain tasks to earn cryptocurrency.

xHashtag enables users to earn crypto by completing simple tasks while helping shape the Future of Web3. The campaigns are created by Web3 projects who want to boost engagement off-chain or on-chain and can fund it with their token.

SupraOracles enables xHashtag to embed DAO into computer code, which executes by itself based on the behavior of the protocol. There is no need to interpret these program rules, as they are automatically implemented when the specified conditions occur.

SupraOracles will enable xHashtag to bring info about completed tasks from other blockchains to Solana. Solana claims to reach a throughput of 65,000 TPS, with an average block time of 400 milliseconds and an average transaction fee of 0.000005 SOL. To achieve these numbers, all validators on the network have a cryptographic clock to keep track of events instead of waiting for other nodes to verify transactions.

Joshua D. Tobkin, CEO and Co-Founder of SupraOracles, commented:
“One of the landmark achievements in the digital currency space is the formation of the DAO. SupraOracles will help xHashtag to process transfers on other blockchains while being initiated on Solana. This will enable users who complete a task to know the dollar value of their reward.”

About SupraOracles

SupraOracles is shaping the transition from traditional capital markets to the Web 3.0 ecosystem. The objective is to provide a robust cross-chain oracle to the developer community. SupraOracles allows developers to construct, deploy, and manage data applications with greater performance, agility, and robustness. By bringing real-world data to public and private chains, interoperable smart contracts enable a stable future for financial markets.

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About xHashtag

xHashtag lets registered users earn cryptocurrency by choosing from many simple on-chain, off-chain and creative tasks available to them. While this is rewarding for the user, it also opens up a marketing vehicle for Web3 projects, to help them accelerate their community and token growth.

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