Ookeenga Upcoming Private Sale Launch on Lithium!

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Ookeenga is very rarely gifted with the chance to invest in private rounds of projects that are almost completely ready to launch. With its upcoming TGE mid-May, the release of its Alpha version in late May, and its actual launch in Q3 of 2022, CROS Gamestudio have proven the maturity of their project and its immense future potential. For most projects, the typical horizon from investment to launch often spans over many months. This narrative in itself makes Ookeenga an incredibly attractive project to launch, but that’s not all…


Ookeenga is an on-chain 3D NFT P2E. Wow, lots of buzzwords that they love to hear in the same sentence. They have found that the integration of NFTs into any P2E is becoming increasingly important to retain gamers, and the 3D element really speaks for itself. More impressively, Ookeenga was developed for gamers on PC, iOS, Android, and Web—further demonstrating the project’s maturity.
Ookenga itself is set in a world where insects have evolved into super intelligent civilisations that were ultimately split into two separate factions, which are now in constant conflict. The project is built on the Binance Smart Chain. With breathtaking graphics, appealing world-building, and addictive gameplay, Ookeenga is ready to create an uniquely immersive P2E experience.


In a way, they wrongfully dubbed Ookeenga a P2E. Although the project follows the same logic and earning aspects of a P2E, CROS Games has identified that the majority of games focus too heavily on play to earn. In addition, most common turn-based RPG games have sluggish gameplay and lack depth and dimension, further robbing the player of an experience and further strengthening the play to earn narrative.


Ookeenga was developed based on three core factors: Aesthetics, ever-evolving player experience, and a fine balance between economic value and entertainment of the game. Ookeenga delivers where most P2Es fail: entertainment. As such, the project delivers a game where players don’t play to earn, but play and earn.


Ookeenga was developed by the team of CROS Games, who have extensive experience in developing video games. They have previously successfully developed games such as Step Hero, Plant Exodus, Echo, and Mech Master — who have attracted partnerships with the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Steam, Nokia, and Nintendo.

Ookeenga has also already received solid backing from the likes of Sky Vision Capital, Ex Network, ZBS capital, 18ventures, Good Game Guild, and many more.

Team Overview

Private Sale Details

Date: Thursday, May 5th — 18:00 UTC
Total Raise: $50,000
Price: $0.04
TGE Price: $0.05
Vesting: 5% at TGE, 3 month cliff then quarterly vesting

About Ookeenga

Ookeenga is a 3D gaming project which built on the Binance Smart Chain. With breath-taking graphics, appealing world-building, and addictive gameplay, Ookeenga is ready to create an uniquely immersive play-to-earn experience.

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Lithium Ventures is a Web 3.0 Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem with a focus on becoming an industry leader in identifying and aiding early-stage crypto projects with high potential. Lithium Ventures began on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and is working on cross-chain capability, with an exciting partnership with Polygon in the books.

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