Tetra Staking Wallet by Orbs Listed On DappRadar

Published on: 25.04.2022
Tetra Staking Wallet by Orbs Now On DappRadar

Tetra Staking Wallet by Orbs Featured on DappRadar

Tetra, the official staking wallet by the Orbs project, has been added to popular crypto website DappRadar!

DappRadar is one of the most popular websites to explore, track and rank crypto dapps. With over 10,000 listed dapps, DappRadar provides trusted data and coverage on the widest selections of dapps across the industry, including NFT collections, DeFi projects and more.

The DappRadar’s Tetra page contains all the necessary information about the Tetra wallet by Orbs, such as dapp description and ranking by DappRadar, links to github and social, a short tutorial video, etc.

In addition, DappRadar also started monitoring and providing statistics on the Orbs staking contracts deployed on both Ethereum and Polygon, which hold a combined impressive TVL of over $200m in staked ORBS using Tetra.

The addition of Tetra to DappRadar is another important step in establishing Tetra as a reliable and secure wallet application, as well as helping to expose Tetra and the Orbs project to new participants.

A Key Component of Orbs 3.0

Orbs has recently launched its novel Orbs PoS V3: Multichain staking on Ethereum and Polygon.

Having Orbs PoS staking on Polygon means that the Orbs network utilizes the Ethereum stack to its fullest potential: The security of Ethereum as the base layer, and the scalability & low fees of Polygon as L2.

In order to participate in the Orbs PoS mechanism, token holders are required to stake their tokens and select a Guardian to delegate their voting power to. In order to simplify the interaction with the staking contract, the Orbs team developed the Tetra wallet, with a simple and convenient interface. The Tetra staking wallet allows you to stake your tokens and select a Guardian to delegate to.

For the release of Orbs PoS V3, Tetra has been updated to enable staking on both Ethereum and Polygon, with a simple and intuitive UI to switch between the two networks.

Staking from All Major Wallets

It is important for the Orbs project to ensure that participating in the Orbs proof-of-stake is as user friendly and accessible as possible for ORBS token holders. Tetra is available on both desktop and mobile (Android & iOS) and in addition, Orbs Delegators can use Tetra to stake ORBS tokens from their favorite wallets.

To date, Orbs staking using Tetra is available from the following wallet applications:

ABOUT Orbs Network
Orbs is a public blockchain infrastructure operating as an independent execution layer enhancing the capabilities of EVM based smart contracts. The Orbs protocol is decentralized and executed by a public network of permissionless validators using Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus.

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