Fusotao Upcoming IDO on Boca Chica!

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With the upcoming fundraising stage for Fusotao, Boca Chica decided to explain in more details if what makes Fusotao unique and how this uniqueness is achieved!

First things first, Fusotao is built to support a variety of Blockchain solutions and is in essence a cross-chain protocol. NEAR however can brag about being the first one to feel the change Fusotao is about to bring into space.

So what Fusotao is in simple terms? Briefly put, Fusotao resembles a sort of extension for Decentralized Exchanges that improves and transforms some of the aspects of the trade. You can imagine Fusotao being a kind of engine that can substitute an obsolete mode of operation i.e. improve processing speed, decrease transaction fees etc.

But that’s not even the most exciting thing about Fusotao. Sequential matching system may sound intimidating and too technically charged of a word but it simply means that DEX utilizing Fusotao can quickly turn itself into a CEX-like trading experience. Order book allows to match trades and create an order to bids. Essentially turning AMM into Order Book which is what Centralized Exchanges use but now in a decentralized manner.

Sale on Boca Chica Mars

The Fusotao Sale is scheduled to happen on May 11.

There will be 2 Rounds in total (conducted in the traditional, old Boca Chica style):

USDT 1st Round: Start 11th of May 13:00 UTC. Finish Date 11th of May 16:00 UTC

  • Type — FCFS
  • Total to be fundraised — 139500 USDT
  • Allocations — Minimum is 100 USDT; Maximum is 750 USDT
  • TGE — on 25.05.22.
  • NEAR Stake is NOT required
  • Exchange Rate — 1 TAO for 1 USDT

HAPI 2nd Round: Start 11th of May; 13:30 UTC. Finish Date 12th of May 12:30 UTC

  • Type — Subscription Round. Subscription Round involves a strictly time restricted sale which entails a proportional distribution after the round has been concluded.
  • Total to be fundraised — 500 HAPI
  • Allocations — Minimum is 1 HAPI; Maximum is 50 HAPI
  • TGE — on 26.05.22.
  • NEAR Stake is NOT required
  • Exchange Rate — 0,07692 HAPI for 1 TAO

About Fusotao Protocol

Fusotao Protocol aims to solve the problem of scalability and matching performance on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges by delegating trading activity off-chain, without giving up security guarantees, including the non-ownability of user funds and the full fungibility of the underlying assets.

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About Boca Chica

Boca Chica is a collaboration between the HAPI team and Solana to create one of the main IDO platforms on the Solana blockchain.

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