Hacash.Diamonds Partners with Neo

Published on: 16.05.2022
Hacash.Diamonds Partners with Neo

Hacash.Diamonds partners with Neo to promote the first proof-of-work NFT HACD and make it the next primary store of value.

Introducing Hacash.Diamonds

Hacash.Diamonds is the largest and most trustworthy platform for HACD collecting in the HACD community. So, its mission is to power HACD become the mainstream store of value. Also enabling people to store their assets in a way they’ve never had before. As a result, Hacash.Diamonds and the HACD community have launched the 1H1B DAO Plan. Its goal to push the floor price of HACD beyond one BTC.

“The 1H1B DAO will be the first project in the Neo ecosystem to focus on Proof of Work (PoW) NFTs,” said John Wang, Director of Ecosystem Growth at NGD. “We at Neo expect this partnership to provide HACD holders a chance to get acquainted with Neo and our premium Neoverse series NFTs as well.”

Introducing Neo

Founded in 2014, Neo blockchain is a very mature mainstream public chain with an ecological development. Therefore it has been growing until now, and the new technical architecture N3 is very friendly to support various projects and products related to the “smart economy”. In addition, the smart economy Neo and the smart asset HACD are a perfect match. 1H1B NFT will mint in Neo blockchain first. HACD will be able to enter the Neo ecosystem through the 1H1B NFT.

“It is an honor for our team to work with Neo. Our team is confident to lead the HACD community and make 1H1B DAO and 1H1B NFT into mainstream DAO and mainstream member NFT in the Neo ecosystem. At the same time, our team also wants to support HACD in all aspects by working with Neo’s strong ecology, such as Neo NFT marketplace and other Neo wallet partners to support HACD. In the subsequent cooperation, we plan to develop cross-chain tools between Neo and HACD chain-Hacash to achieve the free flow of HACD eventually into the Neo blockchain,” said Ken You, Founder of Hacash.Diamonds.

Future of partnership 

At a time when the NFT market is booming, the PoW NFT is still a very niche market. However as a new form of NFT, a new art form, a new form of value storage, PoW NFTs will play a very important role in the future. When Hacash.Diamonds Partners with Neo & the first mainstream public chain that supports the PoW NFT market and the first company that supports the first PoW NFT HACD meet, this cooperation must play a very important role in the development of the entire PoW NFT market.

About Hacash.Diamonds

Hacash.Diamonds is the largest and most trusted platform for HACD collecting in the HACD community. It is committed to spreading the energy generative art represented by HACD. And promoting HACD to become a mainstream store of value. The team members are all serial entrepreneurs of Chinese and American blockchain.


About Neo

Neo is an open-source community-driven blockchain platform established in 2014. It is the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building decentralized applications. Neo enables developers to digitize and automate the management of assets through smart contracts.




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