Rango Exchange allies with Juno Network

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Rango Exchange allies with Juno Network, an interoperable smart contract network.

Rango Exchange is the most powerful multi-chain platform for DEX and bridges all around the crypto world. Based on the reachability and support of top blockchains. It doesn’t matter where the user is and where he or she wants to go, Rango will be able to find the most secure, fast, and easy path for it.

What is Juno Network?

Furthermore, Juno originates & evolves from a community-driven initiative, prompted by dozens of developers, validators & delegators in the Cosmos ecosystem. The shared vision is to preserve the neutrality, performance as well as reliability of the Cosmos Hub and offload smart contract deployment to a dedicated sister Hub.

Some of the founding principles center around:

  • The inception of the world’s first permission-less designated interoperable smart contract network.
  • Pioneering CosmWasm development and adoption.
  • Eliminating common smart contract L1 bottlenecks (poor scalability, non-interoperability, high fees, as well as concentrated governance control).
  • Sister Hub to the Cosmos Hub – Preserving the neutrality of the Hub by offloading smart contract usage/congestion to a designated contract zone.
  • Governance by ATOM stakers which become JUNO stakers. Stakedrop where 47% of the genesis supply goes to ATOM stakers on a 1:1 basis.
  • Eliminating potential legal limitations (Juno has not/will not conduct any form of seed sale, private sale, or public sale. Moreover, all $JUNO entered circulation via the decentralized network launch on October 1st, 2021)

Moreover, Juno as a sovereign public blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem aims to provide an environment for the deployment of interoperable smart contracts. Additionally, the network serves as a decentralized, permissionless & censorship-resistant avenue for developers to efficiently and securely launch smart contracts using proven frameworks and compile them in various languages Rust & Go.

Rango Exchange provides a versatile API that helps dApps and wallets get free from the hassles of connecting to dozens of blockchains, tracking transactions, as well as verifying third-party providers, etc. The whole idea behind its API is to make it the easiest possible solution on the market.

Furthermore, the API consists of just a few endpoints that have abstracted away a very huge amount of complexity on the server’s side, such that making a fully-working cross-chain dApp over cosmos, Ethereum-based blockchains, as well as UTXOs is a piece of cake.


  • From now on, JUNO stakers can swap and register their wallet to be eligible for Rango Airdrop
  •  Osmosis. zone support for the JUNO token
  • Rango will integrate IBC between Osmosis, Cosmohub, Akashnet, Chihuahua Chain
  • To support JunoSwap inside Juno Blockchain

ABOUT Rango Exchange
Rango is the first and most intuitive UX that integrates multiple aggregators (e.g. 1Inch) with multiple X-Chain solutions (e.g. Thorchain) to provide the best liquidity and optimized path in a secure and easy-to-use solution.

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ABOUT Juno Network
Junø is an open source platform for interoperable smart contracts that automatically executes, controls, or documents a procedure of relevant events as well as actions according to the terms of such contract or agreement to be valid & usable across multiple sovereign networks.

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