Kommunitas partners with Propel

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Kommunitas partners with Propel, a full-blockchain infrastructure provider that specializes in DeFi, metaverse, as well as staking. 

Each Propel solution targets a specific Blockchain requirement while also addressing the issue of readily available infrastructure. Three belts of services are aimed to achieve the main theme of Blockchain while giving a synergistic solution to lessen a partner’s workload: DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS), and Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Strategy Propel Follows

  • In-depth research of each solution under the service belt.
  • Auditing and quality assurance before deployment.
  • To provide the best array of products, understanding the strategy and viewpoint of the partner.
  • Team consensus for improved communication and collaboration.

In addition, the Propel team is actively capturing significant market gaps with these tactics in hand. Running simulations to evaluate ideas before producing user-friendly and inventive products that can capture real demand.

Kommunitas was inspired by the original word Community, which is from the Latin word Communitas, meaning “the same”. Therefore, Kommunitas is a community, which shares the same vision and goal to get a capital gain in the cryptocurrency space.

What makes Kommunitas stand out from other Launchpad?

  1. Tier-Less System — The amount of allocation a user receives is proportional to the amount of $KOM they stake, with no tiers and barriers to entry. 
  2. Revenue Sharing —30% of the fees collected from FCFS and Community Rounds put into the Private Partners Treasury Wallet. The funds (in USDC) collected share amongst its Private Partners 
  3. Priority Projects Criteria — Kommunitas aims to bring high-quality projects to satisfy several criteria. 

Kommunitas and Propel partnership will aspire to reach new heights of project development in the cryptocurrency space

ABOUT Kommunitas
Kommunitas is a decentralized and tier-less Launchpad. The platform welcomes projects from various blockchains like Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, as well as Solana. 

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ABOUT Propel
Propel is a full-blockchain infrastructure provider that specializes in DeFi, Metaverse, as well as Staking.

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