Injective Integration with Wormhole

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Injective is partnered with Wormhole to bring 10 new blockchains to its already interoperable network. Injective Integration with Wormhole.

With this integration, Injective will have one of the highest number of cross chain connections out of any blockchain.

The Wormhole integration will vastly enhance Injective’s capabilities with respect to interoperability.

Injective uniquely provides an MEV-resistant matching layer, programmable derivatives, robust orderbook primitives and an innovative CosmWasm contract layer to create apps that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else. These dApps can begin to leverage the heightened levels of on-chain interoperability moving forward.

The options for users can extend far beyond asset transfers as well. For instance, dApps on Injective could enable seamless cross-chain trading across the Cosmos and Solana ecosystems while also being able to offer yields on Solana (or any other Wormhole supported asset). Builders utilizing chains such as Avalanche, Algorand or Polygon can access assets within the broader Cosmos ecosystem via Injective

Interoperability has always been a core component of Injective’s vision and Wormhole will continue to be a vital addition for the ecosystem. Injective is joining the ranks of some of the most widely used blockchain networks today with the Wormhole integration.

About Injective

Injective is an interoperable blockchain for building powerful DeFi & Web3 applications. Injective provides out-of-the-box orderbook and derivatives primitives needed to create mainstream DeFi apps.

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About Wormhole

The Wormhole Network is a generic message-passing protocol that connects high-value blockchains and allows applications leveraging the messaging layer to facilitate interoperability between ecosystems.

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