PathDAO Partners with MetalCore

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PathDAO is extremely delighted to announce partnership with MetalCore, an NFT-based, open world, mechanized combat game.

Battle for the Future in METALCORE

The Solar Empire has descended into civil war.

Faced with the prospect of living — and dying — on a thousand-year, one-way trip; each ship began to develop its own unique civilisation: the zealous Holy Corporation, the tyrannical Gearbreakers, and the chaotic Metalpunks.

Meanwhile, the fourth ship remained untouched by the tragedy; silently bearing its sleeping cargo onward, the colonists were blind to the brewing conflict that awaited them on arrival.

Finally, a thousand years after leaving old Earth, the ships arrived on the mineral-rich planet of Kerberos. Welcome to Metalcore.

PathDAO Partners with MetalCore

Developed by the talented folks at Studio 369, Metalcore is an NFT-based, Play-to-Earn open-world game of fast-paced mechanised combat.

Customise, upgrade, and tweak your various fighting machines to ensure your dominance in the conflict for control of Kerberos.

The core gameplay of Metalcore features a massive, persistent open world; with mixed combat featuring a number of powerful and fantastical mechanical aids.

All combat feeds into and informs the greater conflict that underpins the world of Metalcore — the Faction War.

Every player in Metalcore will belong to a Faction, and large-scale combat between Factions for control over segments of the world map will present players with both the highest risk and the most rewards.

PathDAO Partners with MetalCore

Metalcore Economy

The Metalcore economy and universe are supported through unique NFTs, with limited numbers of each type of NFT being minted throughout the development and release schedule of the game.

Each Mech NFT has a number of unique traits including chassis, class, type, utility & weapon slots, rarity, and level.

Players owning multiple NFTs can, under certain conditions, merge or forge them together to create a single, even more, powerful unit for their use on the battlefield.

You might also want to combine your resources with other players into Baronies — guild-like organisations that will allow players to lease usage of vehicles from their fellow Barons for a fee, awarded to the owner of the NFT.

PathDAO Partners with MetalCore

Metalcore is an exciting and ambitious project that promises to be the start of an expansive ‘Metalverse’, filled with exciting stories and experiences set within this engaging universe.

They hope to be able to share more about Metalcore with their community soon!

“Being the top of the battle mech genre requires more than the graphics of TitanFall and gameplay of Into the Breach. Metalcore aims to bring the best of these worlds alongside the depth that gaming NFTs can create. Excited to immerse in the world the amazing team is creating.”  — Jansen Teng, CEO of PathDAO.

“A game with the size and scope of METALCORE should be experienced with other players. Joining a gaming guild not only gives you people to play with, it allows you to be a part of a community with common goals. Maybe you don’t have enough crypto to mint one of the epic mechs, but you are clearly one of the most skilled players in the game, a gaming guild like PathDAO may want to recruit you to help them win matches.” – Sam Kim, Sr. Advisor at METALCORE.

About MetalCore

MetalCore is an NFT-based, open world, mechanized combat game. Fight alongside your faction in territorial battles on a mineral rich alien planet. Win vehicles and machines, craft gear, recruit pilots, develop land, sell and trade gear and much more as players battle for planetary domination.

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About PathDAO

PathDAO is a community-first, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that creates value for investors and players in the growing blockchain metaverse (game + social + NFTs).

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