WWVentures Partners with Kaidro!

WWVentures Partners with Kaidro

About the Project

After working with entertainment giants such as Activision, Paramount and EA Games for over 11 years, Gadget-Bot decided to jump aboard the metaverse & GameFi train with Kaidro Chronicles.

Perhaps the strongest argument behind Kaidro is that current metaverse projects are hardly large-scale: there seems to be a dilemma between worldbuilding opportunities and transmedia storytelling.

As a result, They comprises 4 transmedia goals that aim to forge strong connections with its fanbase: comic, animation, metaverse, and mobile game.

WWVentures Partners with Kaidro!


Featured on Webtoons, The Kaidro Comic Series has amassed over 1.2M views since it first came out in late 2020.

Set thousands of years from now in a world plagued by radiation, it follows a young woman, Ava, through a succession of adventures as she gets to know herself and the role of a Kaidro. .

The series will have 3 seasons of 6 episodes each, with the 2 first seasons already published.

Please note there are plans to produce print comic books for each season, and that comic book ownership will in certain cases give access to NFT items inside the Kaidro metaverse and mobile game.


A future animation of their comic will perhaps sound more appealing to streaming fans to bring to life the 3 seasons of Kaidro: The Awakening.

WWVentures Partners with Kaidro!

Mobile Game

This is where the story building features come into play. Inside the mobile game, players can tap into their creativity to craft experiences as they please by building and upgrading.

There will also be character and spirit guardian NFTs, each having their own purposes and perks.


Kaidro team’s future concept is to be able to bring the arena into other metaverses to combat other players’ mechs.

Behind their Partnership

It’s safe to say that Kaidro Chronicles is already shaping up to be a winner long-term: by allowing its fans to be viewers, players, and readers all at once, we project it’s going to attract a wide variety of fans as it scales.

– Adam Haklili, WWVentures Founding Partner

They expect a constantly-changing experience for its fans across all transmedia goals.

About Kaidro

Kaidro is a virtual universe built by Gadget-Bot, a Los Angeles based design studio known for building immersive stories.

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About WWVentures

WWVentures is an early-stage crypto investment fund supported and backed by industry veterans.

They focus on providing Social Capital and unparalleled Community support and growth for their partners.

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